Thursday, 4 September 2008

Update on EU blogging

The European Parliament's Culture Committee has adopted a report recommending the regulation of blogs, including making it impossible to blog anonymously.

More here
Amazing brass considering they haven't published their accounts for the last 13 years (the countless billions we all pay into their bottomless pit for them to come up with shit like this).


leg-iron said...

The 'anonymous' line is junk. If they really wanted to find any one of us they'd have no trouble at all.

More control, and surprise surprise - it's a socialist proposing it.

Funnily enough, most of the leftie nutters like to troll anonymously so it'll hit them hardest.

Unless Party members are exempt, as with everything else.

AngryDave said...

I have just discovered this blog through a comment you posted on Inspector Gadget's blog.
I have read a number of other posts on the site and really like it. I read a bit about the libetarian party through the link, and find it funny that i have never heard of them before. I feel it matches my own personal beliefs, and will do a bit mre research before i decide to join or not.

The group excercise on the 5th November sounds like a really good idea!
Good luck with it. I would like to go, but police attention could cost me my job.

Making bloggers identify themselves sounds like a shit idea, but as leg-iron said, they could probably find out who people are anyway. Fuck em anyway! They gonna lock everyone up? I doubt it, they dont even lock up real criminals who lie for a living. How can they take action against people for telling the truth.
But, then again we are talking about new labour. The hippy loving, criminal cuddling, car hating fucking pricks.

woman on a raft said...

Congratulations, you are officially dangerous and powerful.

Rick said...

Why do we let these people rule our lives? What can we do?

Jay said...

Wow .. that's downright scary! And how about the fact that there are so many criminally insane people reading the internet and who could really use some help finding people they might take a random dislike to? Not to mention paedophiles, terrorists, and general low-lifes?

Let alone ordinary adult people who might want to say what they want to say freely without their kids reading all about their most private thoughts?

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