Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Little Gordon Ramsey

Ain't he cute?


EmmaK said...

like it!

electro-kevin said...

Except for most people working in hospitality the fucking hours are shit and the pay is dire and there're no fucking prospects - especially as every fucker will be eating at home because of the credit crunch.

How about Credit Crunch Salad - a mix of used fivers with a drizzel of oil from a rusty sump that's worth more than the devalued notes because of peak oil prices (taxes) ?

Old Holborn said...

If mongs want to work unsociable hours for a pittance, who am I to say no?

The sooner people learn how to cook food for themselves, the better.

Billy Wallace said...
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Horace Wimp said...


And yes, cooking decent food in the home isn't difficult and you'll find it's actually alot cheaper than those microwave clusterfucks you've been throwing money down Lord Sainsbury's gullet, at the same time loading your body up with Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Nitrate, Aspartame and all those lovely other "natural" products that seem to piss with your immune system...

Panopticon Britain said...

Horace is right. Fuck, if anyone gets really desperate, they can do what I did in my first year on uni, and buy a £2 bag of potatoes, some asda value beans and have baked pots everyday for a week.

(Damn,I hope I never have to do that again).

Old Holborn said...

Most of the world exists on less than potatoes and beans every day. BILLIONS of them. AND their kids.

You wouldn't believe the shit I've eaten to stay alive. First year of Uni my arse. Bet you still managed a few subsidised pints at £1.20 every night though, whilst "suffering" on beans and potatoes at £0.60p.

Panopticon Britain said...

I fucking wish.
Of course, not being the type who relies on the government to bail me out when I'm a bit skint, I actually got a job this summer, and- GASP- didn't blow it on Xbox and trainers, meaning I'll have a steady supply of money this year.

Old Holborn said...

I have five daughters. Do you wish to marry one?

Exiled Womble said...

That's an advert to work in catering ? Blimey, how would they go about it if they wanted to put you off ?!

Anonymous said...

Wish i could post something on this site and please forgive for this being utterly out of context.

For fuck's sake.. every Muslim cunt and his mother, father and cousin; not to fuckin mention his future imbreeding cousins that get to come here. Come on in - the water's lovely.

Just why? Why do these hoards get to come here for no reason other than.. er.. I don't have a fuckin scoob.

But the Gov get all up tight cos these hardcore heroes.. with VC's n shit, who've served the Crown with honour, dignity and courage are un PC 'Soldiers'.

The fuckin Guardian and the fuckin Labour party hate the bastards.

I'm outfuckinraged.

PS (used to be a left wing cunt in the 80's a student ofc. Why oh fuckin why does he left wing have to go even more left wing just cos LAB gets in)


Anonymous said...

Oops.. forgot to say the name Gurkha.

Why not let the Gurkha Squadies come here. We're importing crap but are denying these guys a place here.

Please somebody make a cogent argument against this line of thought... at least for the sake of balance.

When you're angry you mess up.. sorry.

Read here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gurkha


Old Holborn said...

Castagar, don't be a stranger!

If you want me to blog how we force feed cow shit to the very people we rely on when the going gets really, really tough, just say so.

and then consider it done.

If you want to whisper what you know, do it here

(I've been to Nepal. Dreadful tea but a penchant for stabbing, slicing and garotting enemies of Westminster, at the drop of a hat. And with a genuine smile. Bless them)


electro-kevin said...


Don't feel sorry for the Gurkhas. They're total cunts.

Vodka Mom said...

okay. that's damn cute

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