Monday, 22 September 2008

Labour Bullshit Bingo

Some Labour "heartlands" voters listening to Jack Straw today

As they drone on about tractor statistics and grain harvests over the next few days, I thought I woud issue you all with my own Bullshit Bingo cards.

Print off and when one of the slimy shits uses any of the phrases below, simply tick it off. When complete, shout "house" and claim your free blowjob from Caroline Flint

Labour's Bull Shit Bingo - Free Entry

UPDATE: Guido is using his for his live Webcast of the PM's speech at 2:00 pm

Massive hat tip to Panopticon for creating the image above


Barnsley Bill said...

I really must buy photoshop, this idea is as relevant down here (probably more so with a general election in 7 weeks)as it is "at home".

Barnsley Bill said...

I seem to have dragged half a dozen kiwis over here with me. As most of them are idle trustafarians I am sure one of them will throw one together.

Anonymous said...

You forgot "child poverty" AKA "chav parent poverty"

Panopticon Britain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Panopticon Britain said...

I suck the balls off of a donkey when it comes to image editing and what have you. I do, however, have a free hour.
There it is. Lovely and Commie red, like Brown.

legs eleven said...

Jeez OH - what a busy bee you are.

Me Too!

But if I had time I would;

a) Tipex numbers from bingo card
b) Cut 'n' paste above quotes onto sticky-back plastic
c) Superglue fingers to keyboard whilst attaching above to bingo card
d) Use a few swearies and fuck up scanner whilst sending altered card to you via e-mail
e) Kick the dog - it is always someone else's fault, see

ps was lying about being busy

ShirkingFromHome said...

Thanks - now the nights are drawing in some suitable parlour games are called for.

During the shorter days one must make full advantage of the cool autumn air and indulge in exercise.

Billy Wallace said...

Fuck me mate, you've ruled me out,
my printers bust and I haven't got a tick key on me board

Bob said...

You forgot:

"It's the right thing to do."

I really fucking hate that one.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Caroline Flint?

Blow job?

I'd rather give her an arse shagging sans lube. Just for the pleasure of hearing the bitch whinge.

Barnsley Bill said...

Have copied with credits to yourself and panopticon.

Dennis said...

Just popped in to call you a cunt!

Only joking.


P.S. I always wanted to be a bingo caller so that I could do this:

"Legs 36; all the twos, 17; lucky for some, number 29; key of the door, 5; two fat ladies, 30 ..."

P.P.S. Caroline Flint?

Anonymous said...

I cannot beleive you left out my all time favorite, lessons to be learned.

Gordon said...

Mr Holborn: I apologise for being off topic but I've just seen elsewhere that you run a recruitment business for engineers. Should I be contacting you when I return to London/south east in 18-24 months as a mechanical building services engineer or are you focused on other areas of engineering?

Guido Fawkes said...

Will be using that at 2pm during the Live Blog at my place.

Tuscan Tony said...

You should have added that the bj from the snaggle-toothed Caroline is only recommended for the circumcised.

Old Holborn said...

Gordon, I can sell sand to camel jockeys.

Get your CV over to

tip: renewable energy is the way to Ferraris and helicopters

Barnsley Bill said...

you have gone viral

Panopticon Britain said...

Oh, fuck, that one's better.

Bent Society said...

What about the latest idiotic Labour spin phrase: "...going forward.."

If I hear it one more time...
...argggghhh arghhhhh!

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