Saturday, 13 September 2008

Just for fun

To while away the hours before ZNL completely implode and Snotface McCunt shoots himself in the mouth with a revolver. And you thought Guinness Ads were clever?


electro-kevin said...

Fucking brilliant !

The Chav's-Ville answer to Italy - seat of culture.

Spanking good.

idle said...

And I thought that urban estate dwellers were talentless.

Very good. The waster pissing in the lift was a particularly deft touch.

Billy Wallace said...

Where the fuck was that film made?

Thats the wheels off my Austin Alegro.

Bob said...

Re life in the UK is shite.

Can't you add:

Already left and found somewhere less shite.

I feel excluded :-(

Mark Wadsworth said...

I see you've discovered the delights of Snowflake5!

In case your other readers don't know what I'm talking about, here's an opening sentence from one of her recent posts:

People spend so much time and effort moaning about stamp duty, even though the money goes to government to pay for valuable public goods (such as health, defence, roads, infrastructure etc).

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