Friday, 19 September 2008

Freedom Test

In future, I intend to apply the following criteria to my rants about policy, politicians and the fucking shite we are having heaped upon us every single bastard day by the crazy 646.

Test 1 - The individual

Q: Is this policy or legislation really for the benefit of the individual in the UK, or is it only in the interests of Corporations or Government to the detriment of the individual?

A: It must fulfil the first part or it is not good law for the UK and I will rant and vent my spleen.

Test 2 is the Stalin Test.

Q: Would Stalin have found such a policy or legislation useful in furthering his state control apparatus.

A: If so, it is not good law for the UK and I will rant and vent my spleen.
By the way, did I mention that there are 646 of them and 60 million of us? For every one of them, there are 92,879 of us. And we know where they live.


Mitch said...

Even if it doesn't pass your test just assume you missed something and rant anyway.

Billy Wallace said...

No farting in a public place is coming next.

Panopticon Britain said...

OH, have you seen Fucking Cunts Online yet?

Mark Wadsworth said...

OH, good tests. Test 2 is actually superfluous.

PB, tell me that's a spoof?

It's not even a 'blog', it's a 'blog space' FCOL.

Panopticon Britain said...

Mark: 'Fraid not.
See for yourself.

Also, there's a third test now over at the journal. the Rule of Law test.

Anonymous said...

Why is there nothing on the FCO tripe about Millipede getting his nose busted open by the Russian Foreign Minister?

Martin J said...

This Is Funny

Barnsley Bill said...

An idiots guide to new legislation. Simple, to the point where even the chicken nugget chugging vulgatron 3000 viewing human units can understand if they are getting it in the shitter.
As an aside, we have a useless lady bit for every 33, 333 people in NZ.
120 MP's for 4 million people.
As you are aware I have no posts left in me so shall shamelessly pinch this, rejig for local nuance and grudgingly give you a small credit...

Dave said...

re Billy Wallace comment
"No farting in a public place is coming next."

The science is proven. People actually die from breathing second hand farts

Barnsley Bill said...

Hah, banning Farts you say.
Our labour party tried to introduce a fart tax a few years ago on sheep and cows.
Such was the ridicule that was heaped upon them and the vocal anger from the farmers that they scrapped it. Only to introduce an emmissions trading scheme a few weeks ago. We are the only fucking country in the world to introduce a ETS that includes agriculture.
The govt keeps the credits erned for planting trees then taxes the owners when they cut them down. Fuckers.

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