Monday, 29 September 2008

First Exit Visa denied

I'm no fan of Gary Glitter, but if he wants to go to
Spain, where the age of consent is 13, then the law shouldn't be just made up as it goes along to stop him.

Ashford magistrates granted an order requested by Kent Police last Thursday stopping Glitter from travelling.

The 64-year-old has the right to appeal, and the ban applies only to those two countries.

He has done his crime and he has done his time. The laws being used against his free movement will be adapted to all of us eventually.


Tuscan Tony said...

He's a grotty, grubby little man with a mentality I cannot graspo (though the odd tune or two he's made are good fun), and if he was drowning in a lake I wouldn't dampen a boot to save him. But the aforesaid has absolutely nothing to do with justice and fair (in the undamaged sense of the word) play: if it did, Winston Silcott's empty-of-harvested-organs body would have been left in a dumpster a long time ago.

Barnsley Bill said...

It leaves a very bad taste defending gadd's rights but you are spot on.
"First they came for the kiddie fiddlers"

Old Holborn said...

My sentiments exactly. It is a very slippery path when you start denying people the freedom of movement for things they "might" do. Very easy to start with Paedos, then criminals, then suspects, then me.

electro-kevin said...

Heaven forbid - we mustn't have Spannish kids left at his mercy !

Not only must we accept everyone else's pervs to our shores - we are not allowed to share our own home-grown finest with the World.

Not much in the way of quid pro quo there. Think of that the next time you order a fair trade coffee.

The British establishment - putting the British first, as usual.

Scrobs said...

Well, I don't really want him back anyway.

Call me Infidel said...

Still he could always got to Belgium or Holland. Intersting to see whether their immigration would allow him in. You make a really good point here OH this is indeed an exit visa. Who will be next?

Old Holborn said...

All of us.

200,000 are fleeing every year.

ZNL don't care as long as 300,000 Poles, Stanis or Somalis replace us

They get to smile about it at dinner parties. In Islington.

the shitting cunts

Henry Crun said...

What's that tiny noise I hear?

Is that the sound of Canada beckoning. Might be worth a look-see.

If Gordon wants to be in charge of a banana republic with East German legislation - then let him. I suspect however he may be all alone.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Wouldnt it be better to quickly escort the cunt through a door, cuffed, strap his legs, noose him pull the lever,then let him travel 10 feet verticaly ?
You molest a child you die
Thats it

Old Holborn said...

Strangely, the masses of Albanians and Romanians who kidnap and transport girls to a new life in the UK as forced prostitutes never have their passports or freedom of movement infringed.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo, it made life worth living today! Keep up the good work.

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