Wednesday, 10 September 2008

A fair crack of the whip

Harriet Harman on her way to give my money to complete wasters and thieves

She really doesn’t get does she? 11 years of fiddling have produced more than 900,000 new entrants to poverty yet this harridan of a woman just simply cannot accept that we are not all equal.

So off she struts, looking like a badly skinned giraffe to spout her equality bollocks to the TUC in the vain hope that they won’t hang her and her traitorous colleagues from lamp posts this winter.

Let’s get this straight once and for all, you man hating cuntard.

I am NOT equal to anyone with a criminal record. I am NOT equal to a benefit thief, a bloated lazy chav, tanked up on lager and a pocket full of publicly funded scratch cards. I am NOT equal to a bile spouting Muslim or a gun toting Yardie who feels the streets now belong to him. I am NOT equal to an undereducated scrote leaving school clutching a handful of useless grade A’s in fuck all yet demanding £25K a year to start or they’ll go on the dole. I am NOT equal to a drug dealing, Range Rover driving pimp that the Police allow to operate unquestioned whilst they are watching ME doing nothing wrong on a CCTV camera all fucking day. I am not equal to the hoards of immigrants sent over from Somalia to do fuck all at my expense. I am NOT equal to the misogynistic bearded bastards that demand anybody who does not lie down to Allah should be stoned. I am NOT equal to the credit card fuelled wasters who are £000’s in debt but still manage a spray tan once a week, a kebab every night and are screaming for me to pay their mortgage for them.

Education is free. Go and get some and get yourselves a fucking proper job. Do not tell me that I have to come down to your level so that we can all “be equal”. If I have risen above your shit levels of life, it is because I worked bloody hard to do so. Don’t you dare take anything away from me and hand it to anyone who has not worked at least as hard. We live in a meritocracy. You get out what you put in. Which is why you are going to be hung from a lamp post very shortly.

Now fuck off, you useless fetid smear of discharge


Horace Wimp said...

I've just come across your blog recently (oo, er missus) and I have to say, a quality rant which I heartily agree with, sir!

Keep up the stirling good effort!

P.S The vulgar parrot was brilliant

merrsh1 said...

Bang on.

The sooner that cunt gets something terminal the better.

We are not all equal, I'm better than these sub human fuckers we finance and I for one would like nothing better than to see them harvested for hair and stem cells.

Harman is a shower of shit and should be forced at gun point to live with her fucking 'equals' on some shit hole scheme in Tower Hamlets or Gateshead.

Mitch said...

There`s nothing I could add to that.As a species we would be extinct if these arsewipes had been in charge from day one.

How about picking a nice "equal" number of years then culling people ?
set a maximum wealth level then take the rest.

I am not a fucking insect I am an individual.

terence bull said...

Harman is a classic example of education being confused for intelligence.

Billy Wallace said...

I like your rants O.H. what I call down to earth and to the point.

Unfortunately for me it’s something I can’t do myself in words,

Dyslexics, so I worked my arse off with my hands to get my castle and had somebody else sign the cheques.

I’ve not got many years left in me, but I’ll fight to the death to protect my assets.

If you like a laugh, look here.

Scroblene said...

Perfect OH; absolutely perfect - just like me (but not as detailed) when I turn on Brown's Bloody Crap when I really need a large cup of tes every morning to wash out the bile of life under this dreadful pile of wasters...

Old Holborn said...

Horace: I've won awards for my ranting. I'm a lovely bloke but so very, very angry.

Merssh1: Cancer of the face would suit her. Treated on the NHS of course

Mitch: Ants worship their queen. I don't.

Terence: ZNL offer all of our children an education, but only on their terms. Funny, I thought they worked for me.

Billy: Working ones arse off is all it takes- somehow we have lost sight of that. Let them come for my assets. If they dare.

electro-kevin said...

Brilliant !

Richard Younger-Ross MP knocked a pint out of my hand a couple of weeks ago.

He said sorry to which I replied, "Not as sorry as I'll be working my bank holiday just to pay your fucking pension."

I walked off to get another pint and he chased after me, "What is your problem ??" he asked.

I said, "In this country ALL the wrong people are rewarded."

"What do you mean ?"

I said, "OK - that guy over there with the nasty tattoos up his neck and on his face and the intimidating little bull terrier ... why do you think he looks like that ?"


I replied,"Because society PAYS him to look like that."

The response will dumfound you.

"He looks like that because he has low self-esteem."

Of course I had to disagree but I did so rather lamely, I'm afraid. This is because I was so unprepared and aghast. I've been invited to discuss things at R Y-R's office but I'm going to put my thoughts in writing instead. Some of this rant will feature in it, rest assured.

Another thing - he said I should be getting angry about Tibet. Typical of politicians to globalise problems when confronted.

electro-kevin said...

I'm very tense and angry too as you can tell.

leg-iron said...

Do those stab vests work against hammer drills with augers?

I think we need to check that. Just hold still, Harriet, and trust me, it won't hurt for long.

Anonymous said...

Harman sent her sons to an grammar school and the london oratory school - a catholic and then grant maintained school - that is a grammar school by other means.

So equality for her is that you get to send your kids to school with retarded chavs and the youth of somalia while she avoids the chaos.

desperate dan said...

Yes indeed.

But who is listening?

Rick said...

OH, you are my fucking hero.

Anonymous said...

A really good rant OH! And very well deserved too. These champagne socialists think they should have all the perks in life while we should put up with the leavings. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander Ms. Harperson. I do believe there should be equality of choice i.e. someone can be born in a bad/poor/deprived area but they have the option to make the most of free education & pull themselves up by their bootstraps as the old phrase was. I would then consider them to be better than someone from the same area who gets chucked out of school, into trouble with the police, into drinks/drugs & onto the dole gravytrain.

AngryDave said...

Could not agree with you more!!!! Maybe the bitch and her underclass should do us all a favour and choke on something.

Mark Wadsworth said...

OH, that's a fair and accurate summary, but isn't it 'treacherous" rather than "traitorous"?

Anonymous said...

"OH, you are my fucking hero."

Get your coat OH....

I think youve pulled !

Old Holborn said...

I hate these cunts.

Beyond all levels of normality. My mother taught me that to hate was to kill and right now, I'd agree.

There are 59,999,354 of us and 646 of them. AND we know where they live!

What the FUCK are we waiting for?

Anonymous said...

They must not be allowed to retire with generous pensions that we have paid for. They must know penury and contempt.

TheFatBigot said...

One of your finest Mr Holborn, music to my chubby ears.

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