Monday, 1 September 2008

Emperor NUDE shock

Gordon Brown and his fingermen on the way to open some more bank accounts at the IMF

How is it possible that even under the “third way”, Labour STILL end up in exactly the same fucking place as ALL Labour governments? Skint.

Society trashed, country diluted more than a month old curry, knife wielding 6 year olds ruling the streets, every bastard paid by the State now also having the powers to anally probe you in the street or fine you for blinking without consent, detention without charge or trial for not eating up all your vegetables, millions of ickle brown babies by feral ratboys and obese slappers, taxed on taxed tax, vilified by the very people I pay to look after my interests, monitored and tagged, prodded and poked by every fucker that walks up the garden path, beaten and stabbed by those that don’t.

It really is a sorry state of affairs. I’ve got fucking kids that are going to inherit a steaming great heap of camel spit that I’ve paid an absolute bastard fortune for as the emperor still struts around showing us his fine gold threads (with his fetid knob hanging out for all to suck).

We need a revolution. A proper one. Not a million people walking past Number 10 asking politely if things could be done differently, but a lamppost-hanging type revolution. For too long in this country, politicians have not been held accountable and are simply unafraid of the people. Just as youth is unafraid of authority and laughs and spits at the law abiding, the crazy 646 just snigger and continue to use MY money to fund any idiotic emperors clothes project they can think of.

I’m coming to the end of my tether. I am so tired of being told what to do, only to hear that everything is fucked anyway and to shut up and do more of what you are told. I can’t see a damn thing changing when the Eton Rifles take over in two years. Just as Labour returned to classic form, the Tories will do the same and it will be the landed gentry fucking it all up so that they can get richer whilst spitting in my face and laughing.

I starting to think about simply fucking off somewhere for ten years. I ain’t dumb, I can earn a living. I can rent out the houses and just kick back, let the shit hit the fan, let the rot continue, let the country fall apart into a Balkanesque shithole full of every cunt but the English and watch the ship sink under thousands of petty little vested “interests”.

It isn’t going to change. Respect for the law isn’t going to come back (it doesn’t deserve to). The Streets are not going to be safer, the quality of life isn’t going to improve and the rape of my wealth, earned by me through sheer hard work isn’t going to stop either. The 646 will continue to determine every fucking minute aspect of my life and then apologise every ten years for getting it wrong (whilst they retire to the Caribbean on bloated pensions/slush funds), leaving me skint, the country skint and a scorched earth for the next lot of wankers to rebuild using the highly expensive emperors new clothes, ordered by them and the invoice sent to me.

Bollocks to them all.


Lilith said...

Well said. I now allocate monday mornings to vituperative letter writing. This morning's gem was a debit from my current account by my EX mortgage provider, Nationwide! Every fucking month somebody is dipping into my bank account, helping themselves to my money, unauthorised by me, and that is BEFORE Gordon Brown gets his great clunking fistful of it...

The letter writing, for the time being, seems to be paying off. Npower refunded some bank charges I incurred as a result of their thievery...only took three months over it..

Lloyds TSB are dragging it out a are the Tax Credit lot.

Old Holborn said...

Don't send letters, send dog turds.

Always write "without prejudice" on the top of every letter. It scares them.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully put OH. Don't ship out just yet. Yes we need a revolution but not one with violence. We're doomed to lose that because so many of the armed forces have been programmed to 'protect Queen (she's involved in this right up to her neck) and country (ie Brown, Cameron etc). What we need is mass refusal to comply. Just say no and refuse to play along any more in as many imaginative and effective ways as possible.

Remember, the aim is to destroy the very idea of the nation state. It's an inconvenience in this globalised and Marxist future they have in store for us (think China) and the immigrants who have come here are just pawns in the game. There's nothing I'd like more than a mass emigration of a sizable number of the ethnic minorities who have come here recently. However if that happens it has to be voluntary; immigrants aren't to blame for what's happening (or at least the vast majority aren't). In fact in order to turn this around we need to make common ground with other 'communities'. The future's looking grim for all of us.

If you're wondering who's pulling the strings and making this happen or you want another reason to feel angry watch either or both of the following films.

Lilith, it sounds as if you especially should watch the films. It will start to make a bit more sense afterwards.

Very short version: Money as Debt.

The longer and better version: The Money Masters - How Bankers Gained Control of America


Gordon said...

I agree completely - until recently I considered myself a centre-right, fairly pc kind of person but whether or not we're going to hell in a handcart or a slightly slower decline, the direction is the same and like most thinking conservatives, I don't see Dave changing anything. He seems to think that we will vote for him anyway and he can focus on getting the grauniad readers - I don't want a revolution, I don't want it to be necessary, but at the moment there seems to be very little option. Today's press are talking about the economic downturn leading to more votes for "extreme" parties:- absolute bollocks! Other European countries have been getting more extreme right votes for years now (recent French presidential election anyone?). This way the ruling class can blame it on the economy (which is all America's fault anyway according to Zanulab) and completely ignore the fact that the main parties won't offer us even a little of what we want. Dave is doing a nanny state "we know best" which is what he should be against. My party loyalties are at breaking point and there seems to be no attempt to win me and others like me back. I cross my fingers for the conference but I'm not holding my breath.

(Sorry, needed a rant)

Old Holborn said...

I was a communist during the eighties. Fully signed up, Soviet Weekly socialist. Hitch hiked through the Eastern Bloc, the lot.

Awful. Bloody awful.

Then, I became a Liberal. See everything, every option open. Except it isn't. NONE are.


Fuck off the lot of you. I am me. I pay the bills, I take the decisions and I take the consequences. Nobody owns me. My life.

Thanks Gordon. Good input

Anonymous said...

All this talk of extremist parties makes me laugh. Anyone who hasn't worked out that we've been under the cosh of a far/extreme left Government for the last 11 years is deluded. It's more manipulation and word games. The idea being peddled is that the only alternative to this sorry lot is the 'extreme right'. It isn't.

If LPUK is going to make any sort of difference then each and every one of you needs to watch the second video I linked to earlier. Anything else is a pointless waste of time. Believe me, if you make the policy that watching that film demands you really would have MI5 on your case.


Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say that there is no third way. The choice is either socialism or the free market.

The third way, which Clinton and Blair have signed up to, is no more than Fascism of the Mussolini variety in a new coat.

gatesofvienna said...

1984 written by Orwell to reflect England in the year 2000.
Orwell an ex Fabian left a warning which we still have not picked up on.

Westminster has at least 300 Fabians across all parties!
I have spent months researching this evil bunch.
The 300 quoted is direct from their own web site.
Fabians for over 100 years have worked within government to first destroy the Empire which they did.
Then turned their fire on we the British our laws constitution and country to trash.

Their MO is gradualism a gradual change in the hope we'd not notice.
Fabians are rampent in every area from the church to the cop.
Common purpose linked to these.
All top politicians are Fabians.
Blair was chairman until 97 his whole cabinet Fabians.
Brown and Sarah Fabians. covers up Gay Gordons weak point!
Fabians Marxist commies rolled into one.
wrecking this country daily.
Ruining the middle classes first than removing all private property is their end goal.

SEARCH-Fabians a worldwide communist movement
Just for starters.
LSE LONDON churns out Fabians with marxist economics degrees.
Clinton attended ..we took Fabianism to the USA.
Rudd Aussie PM A Fabian elected last year to wreck Australia. now mass immigration doing that.
UN set up by Fabians..EU Full of Fabians.
It's a cancer only making the public aware can stop this.

We are lied to on just about everything UK Population is 80 million now!
After hearing this first on Farming today radio 4 i had to listen again.
True then searched for more info-found it last year october's the independent.

BNET covered the story also.
title-The Stats that dare not speak their name.
producers of food- supermarket food sales etc etc etc. stats worked out by this method same as they work out drug taking by testing urine output.
Saudi site speaks of one mill muslims in Britain 1978 that's 30 years ago.
Still only 1.7 mill today?
We are treated like fools!

Short introduction to the filth that Rules in Westminster.

George Bernard Shaw Fabian 1933 wrote He could see islam rule England within 100 years adding nay Europe.
Fabians big into Eugenics..Aussie Abbo's their victims.
Fluoridisation of water- Main ingredient in PROZAC...DUMBING DOWN PEOPLE.
Hitler used fluoride to control camps in nazi Dermany.
We need to wake up-theres' nowhere to run.
The Western politicians are Wankers of the first order!! Camp bondsteel. lie after lie............

gatesofvienna said...

BNET Facts on a plate...UK POP at least 77 million..ref The independent.
After i contacted Optimum population trust.
Migration Watch-The latter failed to reply.
The former replied; they knew but must quote official stats-were hoping for a change in the future.

Seems nobody dare speak out of turn anymore only bloggers.

Saudi aramco january/february 1979
One million muslims in Britain..

Saudi's pay British politicians bow down!!

woman on a raft said...

I was a communist during the eighties. Fully signed up, Soviet Weekly socialist.

Good grief, OH, that's the "I wuz there" blog entry I want to read. How did that happen in the first place, and what changed your mind?

C'mon, life story against world political background, by the decade 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s. Do it in five episodes and you've got the basis of a bloody good show. Lightly fictionalize it to protect the innocent. My bet is you are not the only one, so what ever your story is it is going to chime with a lot of people, except you take it to extremes so the account should be more vivid.

You can't just say 'I hitched through the Eastern Bloc - horrible' and leave it at that. How come you aren't dead? Did you meet nascent warlords and/or dreaming aristocrats, or was it all exchanges with earnest librarians? What was horrible, the people or the police or the economic situation or what?

Damned if I don't come round and wring the story out of your miserable throat. Spit it out, man, the audience is waiting.

Old Holborn said...

yup. I should document it.

In ten years time, I will be ruling the planet, so this can be "Mein Kampf".

It all began with a "Rock against Racism" gig in East London when I was 15 (1977) and a very, very angry young punk, fresh from Sex Pistols gigs at the Roxy.....

( come back tomorrow, it'll be blogged)

electro-kevin said...

I bumped into my MP - Richard Younger-Ross, or should I say he bumped into me ?

He spilled my pint at an open air gig in town and said sorry. I replied "Not as sorry as I'll be working my bank holiday to pay your fucking pension."

He was upset and took me to one side to talk about it. "What is your problem ?"

"You parliamentarians are rewarding ALL of the wrong people."

"Some of them wrong - a lot of them right."

Yeah right. I added,

"You know why that guy over there has tattoos up his neck and over his face and two aggressive dogs on chains ?"

"Why ?"

"'cause it pays to be like that nowadays."

His reply, "Well actually he dresses like that because of low self-esteem."

Well fuck my old boots - I couldn't believe it. They really are in their own little world so much so that voters need to be bribed to turn out with the chance of winning a TV .

R Y-R would doubtless be the type of person who, happening upon a grotesque murder scene, might utter, "My God ! Whoever did this needs help."


I said to him " I want to be an Orwellian prole - at least they had order."

"You want to live like they do in China ?"

"No - I want to live like we used to in Britain but seeing as we're not allowed to have that then give me an ordered society along the lines of a sinister old East Germany that the barbaric and chaotic African model we appear to be fast approaching."

I'm hoping the looming depression brings the revolt you yearn for.

Old Holborn said...

I would have stabbed him

Anonymous said...

But what if- This recession is really by design which i firmly believe it to be.
We know there is worse to come when winter bills start flooding into homes.
Hospitals can't cope with the increase in the elderly being admitted due to both cold and hunger.
Violence we've been pre warned conveniently a leaked e-mail.
Maybe the terror threat raised again by design.
What can the governmenr do when people are clammering for them to do something.
Good idea. seing as troops can no longer be ordered onto our streets they being British.
Declare a state of emergency!
The disruption in the supply of money alone could bring this about.
We all know banks are in trouble again by design.
ACPO is nothing more than a stasi organisation already. police state.
Short only of the figure head dictator.
State of emergency brought in meaning rule by decree and there we have the dictator planned years ago ready to drop into law.
The monarachy was effectively removed in the 70s when the queen handed us over to Brussels.
2006 november Blair brought in the enabling bill last used in 1933 by Hitler.
One MP only protested David Howath Libdem.
The rest nodded it's passage through into law.
All this is illegal under our laws.
But a dumbed down doped population have ceased to care anymore.
Elizabeth Beckett has alone been fighting with only the support of those that know.
A news blackout has made sure few learn of her plight.
Namaste has been keeping us all updated.
Not only on Elizabeth but other news kept from our gaze.
The Fluoride debate again a debate held in camera.
Friends of the earth involved plus a few bloggers.
TPUC.ORG covers some of the issues IE Fabians how they have acheived what they have already.
Without far more people gaining knowledge of what is going on here and now we are fxxxxx well and truly.
BLASHPEMY laws gone-April 2009 the new bill delivered by the OIC and UN A blashpemy law that will stop all discussion on islam-protects islam only.

Anonymous said...

The Fabian war from within.

Anders a fantastic freedom fighter keeps us updated on the progress of the EUMED and 2010 when muslim countries will get free trade agreement and free movement.
This started off in the early 70s during the Arab oil embargo.
In effect Europe sold off to Arabs for their over-spill populations.
All three parties are signed up to this outrage.
Malcolm rifkin signed in 1995 the Barcelona declaration which brought it into law.
No time to explain it to the British people i guess.
SIOE UK came into being knowing that slowly we and Europe would be islamnised which we now see clearly happening.



Helps'to understand why all three parties act and sound the same....
They share one dream- our nightmare

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