Thursday, 25 September 2008

A Doctor says

Oh Dear

My Doctor has just rung me. Apparently, he’s sick of handing out Beta Blockers to me and has read my blog.

He suggests I write down 20 things I really like (as opposed to the 21 trillion things I don’t)

So here goes:

The smell of a fresh cut meadow
Roast Dinners
Real Ale
Free range chickens
A wet dog
Mitchell and Webb
Radio 4
Eddie Grundy
Crab fishing with a hand line
The Isles of Scilly
Live music
Pickled onions & pork pies
Wood panelling
Fine wine
Fresh cotton sheets, after a bath
Tall ceilings

There may be more. Feel free to add

(oh, and by the way, Dr Chakraboty, you are a cunt. Warm your fucking hands next time or you'll be eating your Massala Dosas through a fucking straw)


Anonymous said...

Moaning and bitching?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

What is a "bath"?

Billy Wallace said...

Seeing my daughter smile,

Having a good day at work, (very rare these days)

The smell of sawn wood,

Landing a trout,

Seeing good workmanship,

Cooking a meal,

Sitting round an open fire with a beer,

60,s 70,s music,

Lilith said...

Sunset on the west coast of .... add your own favorite here...

The dog's joy.

Babies skin


Old Holborn said...

a roaring log fire in winter

Irish Stew

the racket seagulls make

warm summer rain

fleetofworlds said...

- Sunset looking south from the cliffs at Trevaunance Cove

- Cohibas

- Glenmorangie

- Apple MacBook

- Seeing a frog making it's way across the lawn

Billy Wallace said...

A good fry up,

The sun coming up in the morning,

A walk in the countryside,

The smell of grass,

The smell of Castrol R,

Old Holborn said...


Castrol R

Now I was once a racing driver (I haven't blogged it yet) but the roar and the smell of Eau Rouge, hot brakes, burned clutches, stinking petrol, sweat, burned rubber and champagne is something very, very precious to me.

Snowolf said...

Watching hedgehogs.

Balmy Floridian October evenings.

A perfectly cooked fillet steak.

The sound of ball hitting net.

Biddenden Cider.

A really good Chianti.

And yes, sitting on the green of the village where I grew up watching cricket on a cloudless day under the gaze of church and windmill. Perfection.

Guthrum said...

Apple wood log fire

The smell of a horse

Freshly washed hair on a woman

Smile of a child playing

Warm earth

The air after a thunderstorm

Clear green sea

Pine forest

Rolling Drums

The Beat of English Folk music

The smell of Tar

Singing Jerusalem

Listening to Brown being lead screaming from No 10

idle said...

Scoring a ton
Landing an accumulator
Shooting grouse over pointers
Playing a salmon on the Findhorn
Waking up to the sound of the Caribbean
Reading Wodehouse in the bath
Wild mushrooms in beech woods
The laughter of idle girls

Old Holborn said...

Idle, might I recommend Antigua? I love Antigua. 365 beaches. Stay here

Guthrum: All of it, except the folk music. I'm a musician, remember?

Snowolf, all of it.

Billy Wallace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
electro-kevin said...

A cup of coffee after a long run followed by a shower and a cold beer on a crisp, clear Autumn morning.

Playing my guitar to my missus in the garden with a glass of red wine of a balmy Summer's evening.

Flirting with pretty ladies whilst a little tipsy.

The first pint of beer on a night out with friends (getting back safely to relieve the baby-sitter is a bonus !)

Buying something I've saved up a long while for and looking at it in the pub afterwards.

Floating down river for miles on a kayak with a tinny in hand.

Not being an alcoholic.

Anonymous said...

A good wank?

res vill id said...

Chomping my way through a thick wodge of lemon meringue pie and ice cream whilst reading this excellent blog.

(PS: You can donate my OBN to your favourite charity)

Elby The Beserk said...

Crossing the Tamar into Cornwall

The Grateful Dead tearing into Promised Land

Seeing Colin Bell scoring against

Seeing my children born

Hearing them laugh

Seeing them thrive

Seeing the total eclipse of the sun in the Oz outback

Meeting L :-)

Oswald Bastable said...

Steak grilling over charcoal

The smell of black powder smoke

Borkum Riff Cavindish Cherrywood

The first beer on a hot day

Fresh sheets on the bed

Bacon frying

a 1/2 inch group at 100 yards


former tory said...

Riding 1200cc of engineering excellence aimlessly into the evening after a day at work.

Feet up, glass of good wine, watching an Adriatic / Mediterranean / Aegean sunset and knowing there's another day's perfect riding tomorrow.

Goats' cheese salad.

Curry. Hot, with lashings of beer. And peanuts.

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

Leffe Trippel.

+1 on 60's (late) / 70's music

+1 enthusiastically on smell of Castrol R..... oh, my lost youth, Oulton Park.....

idle said...

OH, we stayed here in Antigua, many years ago:

But we didn't go a bundle on it. And I'm not sure about the Antiguans, who seemed a charmless bunch to me.

This is where the idles got engaged, and returned twice before houses and school fees holed the finances below the waterline:

I just love it. The island is a million times more interesting, most of the locals are fine, with humour and wit, and the hotel's ambience has barely changed since Churchill used to stay there.

Anonymous said...

Fresh cotton sheets, after a bath ?

Cant you use a towel like everyone else ?

Tuscan Tony said...

idle - I notice your Jamaica Inn has a Cowdray Suite. Small world.

Newmown grass with the smell of lawnmower exhaust, real ale, smell of an English pub, arriving for the weekend at friends', cheese and onion crisps, sitting down for a hostile meeting for which you're 125% prepared, the Engadine.

idle said...

Never stayed in the Cowdray suite, Tuscan, but pleased to say that we did get lucky with the White suite, which was Churchill's bolthole. Someone cancelled at short notice; the owner took me aside and for another 500 bucks for the week, the suite was ours for the last 7 days of our stay.


Old Holborn said...

"sitting down for a hostile meeting for which you're 125% prepared"

Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats it.

I was summonded to a £13M meeting in Germany that was going tits up. I stood to lose £13M because of internal politics within the customer. I left the meeting £13M up and they lost a board member.

That was a night to remember.

Fucking delicious

Tuscan Tony said...

"stood to lose £13M"

Oddly enough I had a meeting just like that this afternoon with Paolo The Peasant.

Old Holborn said...

Tony, it was £13.

Get someone else to build your brick shithouse.

idle said...

It can ruin one's day, losing 13m.

Except in downtown Bulawayo, where you can lose more by leaving your fags and lighter in the pub.

Henry Crun said...

A hearty beef stew and fresh baked bread.

Fried kidneys for breakfast.

Chilled apple juice

Watching Manchester City beat Manchester United twice in one season.

(This one's for Elby) Seeing Shaun Goater score goals number 99 and 100 for Manchester City

Making my daughter laugh

Watching the Labour Party implode

Seeing Gordon Brown and rest of his jockuza dangling from lamposts.

Thud said...

smell of grapes at crush...foghorns at night(on the mersey for me)

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