Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Do as your are told

I'm no great friend of press photographers, but they are useful idiots when it comes to watching those who are watching us. It appears our servants in the police force are getting ideas above their station. Yet again.


Clunking Fist said...

Not sure I want to sleep you you, just happy to read your rant. Great vid.
Imagine how much worse the incidents in the video would have been had those coppers been Welsh. Have you had the pleasure of meeting a Welsh cuntstable? i have. He was a met officer, happened on the A12 (I think locals know it as the East Cross Route, becomes the Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach) just outside Stratford upon Lea. The man was a cunt.
My crime was driving a manky car.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Definitely no desire for any backdoor action, but its a good blog.

AngryDave said...

Press photographers are parasites and dont give a fuck about anyone else's liberties or personal space, and harass people to get their photos. They deserve everything that happens to them.
If they are photographing a protest, they want to move between the police and the protesters freely and generaly get in the way. They deliberately put themselves in harms way to get their photographs and then moan like fuck when they get moved on or injured. They willingly take these risks.
They moan about the fact that they are treated harshly by the police, yet think of it from another angle, the officers are probably totaly fed up with moving and warning the same idiots over and over. Didnt they learn the last time they were told not to obstruct a police line.
If they fall prey to the people they are photographing (rioters, protesters, or pissed off celebs) then it is the police officers who have to put themselves in harms way to rescue them. Protesters will willingly turn on a photographer if they are taking photos of them doing something ilegal.
Lets not pretend that they are doing some social service, they are making money out of taking photos of people, and they dont give a flying fuck how they get their photos. They will destroy someone's life for a fucking photo.

Old Holborn said...

"They will destroy someone's life for a fucking photo."

No, that's the papparazzi and I hold them in contempt.

I pay the wages of the Police and have no choice in the matter. If they are up to something they shouldn't be, I am grateful for a photographers eyes where mine cannot be.

terence bull said...

Ironically, sticking a camera in mobiles has been a minor victory in the constant struggle for freedom.

Plod'll never be the same again.

electro-kevin said...

This group of journalists are a bunch of wingeing pussies. (SHE fell over !)

They were being filmed to counter the anti-police film they were making.

I couldn't imagine wanting to have a pint with any of them, whereas the coppers seemed fine to me.

electro-kevin said...

The footage they REALLY want is that of a copper losing it and sticking one of them into a coma.

That's what they'd get in any other country.

Old Holborn said...

Whether you like it or not Kevin they can sometimes be our eyes.

If the police want to pour bleach into those eyes, they are effectively blinding me.

Why would they want to do that Kevin?

electro-kevin said...

Like the new avatar. Much better.

It would be interesting to know what the demos in the video were about (I wasn't paying attention to that bit.) I'm quite happy to have my eyes bleached when it comes to left-wing fucktards getting a kicking.

I bet ordinary photographers are not being stopped.

Old Holborn said...

What are you going to do when they are Kevin?

So let me get this right. You don't mind anyone getting a kicking from our servants, the police, as long as they are not supporting what you support.

Only when the Police give a kicking to people you support will you object?

Don't worry. Train drivers are quite high on the list. You won't have to wait long. Unfortunately, I won't know about it. Because the press will have been banned. There will be no photos of you being manhandled, beaten and dragged off.

There will be no press..

Careful what you wish for, Kevin.

electro-kevin said...

"So let me get this right. You don't mind anyone getting a kicking from our servants, the police, as long as they are not supporting what you support."

It was ever thus, I'm afraid. Until now, of course.

Yes - the police used to rule with some brutality over people who would now be described as alternative.

Things were much better for the majority then. What I don't like is that the police are now dedicated to minority interest.

And the press are not excluded if they keep from underfoot. I'm sticking by my previous claim that these photographers aren't the sort of chaps I'd drink with - do you think you would ?

Lilith said...

I wouldnt drink with any of them Kev, and you are bound to have your point of view, but My Girl was deeply shocked by what she witnessed and experienced when she went on a small peaceful demo. My Girl, my good girl, who has lofty principles and lives by them, and who never swears, was moved to call a PC "a bastard" when she saw him bash a girl's hand with an aluminium stick "because her hand was on the railings". It is no longer possible to demonstrate peacefully. The police will cordon you in and batter you if you try to leave. They will film you and fix you up with an affray and assault charge. Just for being there.

Injin said...

I don't get it.

They've always been like this, it's just that now you can watch them on the internet.

You can't stop a bully just by watching him......which is why the british have been disarmed.

AngryDave said...

It would be interesting to see the police's version of the film, as the one by the photographers is bound to have what they did to the lead up of their 'unfair treatment' edited out.

electro-kevin said...

What happened about that police charge, Lilith ? Was it dropped ?

My point was that police were never nice to reactionaries - Except for today. See how suppine they are when being pelted at the Notting Hill Carninval ? Or when policing rabid muslim 'prayer' meetings ?

There was a time when coppers were all over 5'10" tall and would shove people around at the first sign of disorder or rowdiness - this didn't necessarily require the law to be broken, just for you to have been in a group where people were being raucous. (Life on Mars was not a parody)

Times have changed and I doubt that K's being as white as the driven snow did her any favours during a time when the police are riven with fears over racialism - colour and class made her fair game, in fact.

It's not that the police are targetting people (they always have) ... it's that they're targetting US now.

Thank the left-wing progressives of the 60s, 70s and 80s for that and the popular culture that came with it.

electro-kevin said...

"Let me shove this camera right in your face - real close while your trying to do your job ... get right in your personal space ... there's no law against it, see. I'm going to be real close behind you and get in between you and your colleagues as you try to form a cordon ... shove this camera right in your face ... be in your way and under your feet invading your personal space ..."

Ooops ! She fell over !

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