Friday, 19 September 2008

Charity begins at Home

hat tip to Lakelander for the pic

Isn’t it lovely of J K Rowling to give £1 Million to the Labour Party?

I wondered why she should as she has ensured that her socialist roots have been entirely eradicated by her vice like grip on anything and everything to do with the Harry Potter films.

I mean, she could have just given the money quietly to a children’s charity instead. But obviously she feels that the Labour party are responsible in some small way for her success and would like to return the favour.

In January 2007, a certain Mr Gordon Brown of the Labour party allowed Warner Brothers, who own the rights to Harry Potter films, a spectacular tax deal. As long as they didn’t move production to Eastern Europe, as they had threatened, then he would allow them to claim 80% of production costs as tax deductable and pay 20% of costs to them in cash.

Although the previous four Harry Potter films have been shot at Leavesden Studios near London and on location in Scotland, sources said that moving the next instalment of the series to a lower-cost location such as Prague had been“a very real prospect” as a result of changes to the tax benefits regime.
From April, a new regime will replace two existing benefits, known assections 42 and 48, that allow producers to deduct production costs fromearnings as soon as a film is completed.
The industry yesterday had its last chance to persuade the Government to replace the existing regime with one thatwill provide at least the same financial benefits, with the closure of a formal consultation period.
But early indications have not filled film-makers with much hope for success. A consultation document released by the Government in July included new tax incentives that would offer Hollywood films shot in the UK benefits of as little as 2 per cent of their budgets, compared with an average of about 9 per cent under the existing system. “If they stick with the proposals that they put forward earlier in the year the impact on the industry is going to be devastating,” one executive said.

So it was overruled by Gordon in January 2007. Against the recommendations of a government consultation document.

Now, what were the production costs of the latest Harry Potter? Close to £100 Million. And Gordon PAID Warners £20 Million in taxpayers cash just to have the film made here.

"None of which, I am sure, has made it’s way into the Labour Donations Fund via one Ms J.K. Rowling", said a Mr Bernard Ecclestein today as he puffed on a Malboro Red at Silverstone racetrack


Call me Infidel said...

ZaNuLabour is on a life support machine. Rowling can give all her cash to this worthless organisation the end result will still be the same. They are heading for political irrelevance. ZaNuLabour are the new Liberal Party.

leg-iron said...

Surely they wouldn't be laundering taxpayer's cash into Party coffers? I certainly would never suggest such a thing, and neither would the unions, I'm sure.

It does seem a waste of money though. There's no more spin left in their machinery, so it doesn't matter what advertising company they can afford.

People terrified to go outside because of the Gorgon Youth running the streets, people wondering whether they'll have a home next month, people fined for putting out their bins and, increasingly, for made-up crimes they didn't commit, people whose lives are ruined by an uproven allegation, people whose children are paid to spy on them, are all immune to spin.

If they get back in power, it can't possibly be by legal means. The whole population knows this.

It doesn't matter too much to the Socialists though. The Tory version of the same thing is ready to take over.

Sometimes I wish Cromwell had lost.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"tax deductible", actually.

Apart from that, agreed.

Subsidies = bad
Tax breaks for specific 'industries' = subsidies = bad
One man's tax break = another man's extra tax burden.

Better to get rid of all tax breaks (apart from a much higher tax free personal allowance) - e.g. the 'cost' of the tax breaks for the 'pensions industry' equate to about £2,000 per taxpayer. All of which are hoovered up by said pensions industry in fees and commissions.

I'd rather have the extra £2,000 in my back pocket, frankly.

Cromwell did lose, BTW, he got booted out and they reinstated the monarchy. (or perhaps he died first, who cares, it was a long time ago)

leg-iron said...

He died first, but they dug him up two years later and hung him anyway, then cut his head off.

Nothing like making sure, eh?

The Green Arrow said...

That was an excellent article.

Reference Cromwell.

I think one day we should dig up Ted Heath and put his head on a pole.

Barnsley Bill said...

On a spike through his anus would be more appropriate, cash for favours is happening here as well. Specifically n the horse racing and fishing industries.
Socialist scandals are always about money. how I long for proper tory scandals where the worst we can expect is illicit sex scandals.
That at least is something I can understand and aspire to.

idle said...

Ted Heath giving head to a Pole.

Makes sense.

ShirkingFromHome said...

Nice broomstick (apart from the stasi logo) however may I suggest that Gordon would look better in a g-string (noose). The mad, bad cunt.

Lilith said...

OUCH Idle!

The funny thing about Cromwell's head is that it knocked about till 1960 (it was embalmed) before being laid to rest in Cambridge. It still had the spike in it.

Oswald Bastable said...

My theory that the the Ministry of Magic was a parody of the Liarbore apparatus has been shot down in a shower of shite!

That's what you get for thinking a single mother 'gets it'...

Dodgy Geezer said...

Isn’t it lovely of J K Rowling to give £1 Million to the Labour Party?

Umm.. yes it is. When the Tories went down under Major people gave Labour no more than a few years before the contradictions inherent in the Socialist system pulled them apart.

Blair managed to fudge and hide Socialism for many years. Finally, the strain was too much, and he left. We are now seeing what Socialism is really like. This should have happened in 2000...

If I thought Labout were going for a quick election because they were broke, and I was a multi-millionaire, I would be contributing to them. I want them to stay alive until they have finally buried Socialism so deep that no one will ever dig it up again. Their knee-jerk reactions to problems are damaging to the UK, but not as bad as a long-term planned socialist attack would be.

I want them centre-stage, at the front, rotating in their own stew, for as long as possible. I want them to have the money to keep their focus groups and other hangers-on going right up to the end. I want no possibility of a last-minute conversion to sense driven by lack of money. Then I want the fall to be complete and utter.

Milton, thou should'st be living at this hour....

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