Thursday, 25 September 2008

Brown's Speech at the Labour Conference


Snowolf said...

So that's his plan!

September 2010: Former PM Gordon Brown, having lost his seat in the May election, attended the Glasgow audition for the X-Factor and wowed the panel with his gospel style singing.

'You really surprised me, Gordon' said Simon Cowell, 'I wasn't expecting that voice having seen you. You could, just, be world class.'

'Loved it.' enthused Louis Walsh as Cheryl Cole wiped tears from her cheeks.

'You could release that tomorrow.' commented Danni Minogue, as she threw him a sultry look.

He went on to win the whole competition, and on a wave of public fervour wins his seat back 11 months later as the Tory government collapses, leading a coallition government with the phrase 'It's about personality, not policy.'

'How Modern Celebrity Took Over the World' - Hugh G. Rection, Tesco Beacon Academy University Press, 2014.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mrs Hitler looking rough these days....

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