Tuesday, 30 September 2008

4 Scenarios

Scenario 1

Someone you don’t know, asks you to buy something he needs with his money:

You couldn’t give a shit about price or quality, just buy it, right?

Scenario 2

Someone you don’t know asks you to buy something YOU need with his money:

Suddenly, you care about quality, but fuck the price, he’s paying.

Scenario 3

Someone you know asks you to buy something you don’t need with YOUR money

Price will be as low as possible, as will quality

Scenario 4

Someone you know asks you to buy something you need with YOUR money

Best Quality, lowest price. Every single fucking time.

How often are we hearing on Pravda, that “the government will have to pay whatever”?

Let me remind you all that “the government” does not have a fucking single penny of it’s own. ALL of the money the government has to throw at any fucking, cunting problem that comes along is OURS.

Every SINGLE PENNY. Forget it at your peril. Every time a politician stands up and says “we are going to spend millions on sorting this out”, see if you can feel his hand in your pocket.

Until these cunts stop thinking like scenario 1, we will always wake up every morning wondering where all the fucking wonga went.


ShirkingFromHome said...

I had a delivery of a hat today. Will need to store it for a month or so before it sees the light of day.

Bob said...

You knicked that.

When spending your own money on yourself. You spend it wisely.

When spending someone else's money on yourself, you're not bothered how much, but you have a vested interest in buying something of value.

When spending someone else's money on someone else, you don't really give a fuck how much it costs and you couldn't give a shit about the quality, or even if it's what they want.

And that's Government.

ShirkingFromHome said...

The government and 'opposition' (if you can call them that) can all fuck off. They are closing ranks. They know exactly on which side their bread is buttered.

Bring it on.

Markbaldy said...

Gordon Brown - a complete moron... unless you are the average thick Brit who voted these New Labour cretins in... again.
I as a saver and tax payer, I object to MY money being taken out of my wallet and burned in front of my eyes by these bastards.
I have sacrificed holidays, new cars, plasma screen TV's etc... so I could look forward to some level of financial security - why the fuck did I bother.
Failure, getting into debt and being totally irresponsible for ones own actions is REWARDED by New Labour...
I wouldn't care so much if we had first class public transport, you could find an NHS dentist and pensions provided a LIVING and not austerity... but OUR taxes are wasted... paying out lazy cunts who won't work, kitchens for politician's second homes, bailing out CEO's and interest on money borrowed by Gordon Brown... "prudent" my fucking arse !!!

ShirkingFromHome said...

markbaldy - It's not just Brown, it is all of the reprobates. They are all at it. Maintain the status quo and everyone will be 'content' in the 'knowledge' that all is OK. An ordered economy for the plebs to survive (just) and prizes for those who control it.

Plagues on all their houses!

Billy Wallace said...

Fucking politicians they’re all fucking bank robbers.

I use your words O.H.
I want every single one of the 646 who have allowed Britistan to become the debt ridden shithole it currently is, to be hung from Lamp posts.

Blue, Red, Yellow. Choose your rope.

Just popping out to take a picture of a CCTV camera with my 12 bore camera.

Old Holborn said...

I want every single one of the 646 who have allowed Britistan to become the debt ridden shithole it currently is, to be hung from Lamp posts.

Simple really

AngryDave said...

I have a really good idea. Lets blow up the houses or parliment with all the fuckers in there.

Oh wait someone already tried that.

Back to the drawing board.

Old Holborn said...

If at first you don't succeed.....

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