Monday, 8 September 2008

1975 and all that

This is what was said on the original leaflet that dropped through the letterbox in 1975


What would be the effect on Britain if we gave up membership of the Common Market? In the Government's view, the effect could only be damaging.

Inevitably, there would be a period of uncertainty.

Businessmen who had made plans for investment and development on the basis of membership would have to start afresh.

Foreign firms might hesitate to continue investment in Britain. Foreign loans to help finance our trade deficit might be harder to get.

We would have to try to negotiate some special free trade arrangement, a new Treaty. We would be bound by that Treaty. Its conditions might be harsh. But unless and until it was in force, Britain's exports to the Common Market would be seriously handicapped.

We would no longer be inside the Common Market tariff wall - but outside.

For a time at least, there would be a risk of making unemployment and inflation worse.

Other countries have made these special arrangements with the Community. They might find Community decisions irksome, even an interference with their affairs.

But they have no part in making those decisions.

The Common Market will not go away if we say 'No'.

The countries of the Common Market would still be our nearest neighbours and our largest customers. Their policies would still be important to us. But Britain would no longer have a close and direct influence on those policies.

More than that, decisions taken in Brussels - in which Britain would have no voice - would affect British trade and therefore British jobs.

Britain would no longer have any say in the future economic and political development of the Common Market. Nor on its relations with the rest of the world - particularly on the help to be given to the poorer nations of the world.

We would just be outsiders looking in.


Let us be clear about one thing: In or out of the Common Market, it will be tough going for Britain over the next few years.

In or out, we would still have been hit by the oil crisis, by rocketing world prices for food and raw materials.

But we will be in a much stronger position to face the future if we stay inside the Market than if we try to go it alone.

Inside, on the improved terms, we remain part of the world's most powerful trading bloc. We can help to fix the terms of world trade.

Inside, we can count on more secure supplies of food if world harvests turn out to be bad. And we can help to hold down Market food prices - as we have done since we joined in 1973.

Inside the Market we can work to get more European Community money spent inside Britain:

More from the Social Fund for retraining workers in new jobs. Since we joined we have benefited from this Fund to the tune of over £20 million a year.

More from the Community's new Regional Fund, which already stands to bring us £60 million in the next three years.

More from the Farm Fund when world prices are high. For instance, up to now we have obtained £40 million from this Fund to bring down the price of sugar in the shops.

More from the Coal & Steel funds and the European Investment Bank. Since we joined, arrangements have already been make for loans and grants of over £250 million.

The long period of negotiation between Britain and the other Market countries has proved that the Market is not a rigid organisation.

It is flexible. It is ready and able to adapt to changing world conditions.

It can, and does, respond to the differing needs of member states.

The Market is aware of the need to help the poorer nations of the world outside Europe.

Whether we are in the Market or not, Common Market policies are going to affect the lives of every family in the country.

Inside the Market, we can play a major part in deciding these policies.

Outside, we are on our own.

33 year later and it is completely forgotten


Reversepsychology said...

Common Market be fucked!

The scum that call themselves New Labour, are attempting to induce a situation that will find us having nothing in common with even our next door neighbours anymore.

How on Earth can a British government discribe an English City as Hidiously white and not be brought up on charges of treason?

Your post on London should convince us all that this vile government must be stopped afore they destroy us all completely.

Call me Infidel said...

As Kinnochio once said on Spittin' Image..lies, lies, lies. Oh and speaking of the Welsh wanker didn't labour campaign in the 80's to leave the EEC? Funny how that hypocritical windbag now has hid head in the trough.

The EU has been and continues to be a disaster for Britain. I particularly liked the crap about

"We would no longer be inside the Common Market tariff wall - but outside"
what about EFTA then? Oh and what about our former trading partners in the Commonwealth who we shat on?
I know it's wrong to speak ill of the dead but Heath was a fucking traitorous scumbag and so are the rest of the pricks in Britain who continue to lie to us about the benefits of this fascist organisation.

Anonymous said...

On my list of 'things to do' is to go to Salisbury, visit Edward Heath's grave & spit on it, while offering up a friendly prayer 'I hope you're frying in hell you traitor scum' or similar.
I often drank in the same pub as he did. Had I known then what I know now, I'd have 'accidently' spilled a couple of pints over him.

Old Holborn said...

I've pissed on Harold Wilson's grave

St Mary's Old Church, Isles of Scilly. My parents are buried nearby.

Can't wait till Thatcher goes. I've got new fucking dancing shoes for that one.

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