Monday, 18 August 2008

Those that can, do. Those that can't write about it for the BBC

A Levels being handed out yesterday

It’s a sorry state of affairs isn’t it?

I had to write to the Education correspondent at the BBC last week to explain to her that she is a complete cunt for her pointless Pravdaesque drivel that I was forced by law to fund. I wrote:

Dear Hannah,

I have never seen a more pathetic attempt at blatant New Labour propaganda in my life. If you want to write about increased tractor production or this years bumper grain harvest, go and work for Pravda. I'm sick of paying your wages for you to insult me like this.
Disgusting attempt at Journalism. 0/10 See teacher

The article that was written by Hannah Richardson was beyond anything the Soviets would have force fed their grey faced potato munching comrades. It made me sick. Fucking sick

Firstly, it sought to congratulate quads on achieving 500 A* A Levels. Not much wrong with that except that 98% of students pass them. More than actually turn up to school in fact.
I’d go so far as to say that teachers just send the register to the exam board, they all receive shiny new A levels in “citizenship” or “Wayne Rooney”studies and the 2% that fail are simply down to human error on the fucking data input.
Anyway, in order to make maximum propaganda effect on us plebs, these quads had to be very, very special. Oh, they were. They were black. And from darkest Africa. Top marks to the beeboid Hannah Richardson. Not only can she show us that EVERYONE is passing 500 A Levels but even BLACK QUADS can do it.

A black Quad yesterday

Patronising cunt. OF course black kids can pass fucking A levels. Even Downs Syndrome kids can pass O levels these days. You are not doing the hard working,knuckle down black kids in this country any favours you stupid cunting witch. Either of them.

You have to love this quote by Hannah

But all four quads said their mother Julie kept them on the straight and narrow with plenty of supplies of food and drink.

Remarkable! She actually fed her children! Thanks for that Hannah, you arsepus. I thought they lived in trees and fended for themselves on fruit.

Not content with that, our PC programmed ZNLite decided that to reinforce her view of the world, she should include an Afghani asylum seeker in the role of honours.

Here we go again....

Another student with A-level triumphs to be proud of is 18-year-old Waheed Safi.
He had no English when he arrived with his family in England three years ago, having fled his home in Afghanistan.
But he has overcome that hurdle to obtain four As in physics, chemistry, maths and further maths at Uxbridge College.

It was blatently obvious to me that the twat was clever. He’s already managed to con every border checkpoint from Kabul to Calais. Getting into Uxbridge University was never going to be of an obstacle for him.

Then Hannah moves on to some bizarre genetic tangent and starts making up names as well.

And it was double joy for identical twins Harriet and Emily Caton-Thick as they both scooped three A-grade A-levels - and now plan a round-the-world gap year.

It’s over. Even Eton is not going to bother with O levels any more as they are a complete waste of everyone’s time. My kids’ school is pushing the Baccalaureate instead of this bog paper that 98% of our kids are being handed by smiling politicians before they enter the real world and are told to fuck off by employers. Our education system is beyond fucked. It is utterly pointless to let the State even try and educate your child.

So thank you Hannah. Thank you for showing me that education is beyond help. Thank you for showing me that all that hard work done by decent kids is just a fucking waste of time but your masters do not give a fucking shit as long as they can continue to smile at the children.

In the meantime, I am getting rich because there is a massive shortage of engineers in this country and I know where to find them and can speak their language. Thanks to teachers who actually gave a shit.



Mark Wadsworth said...

Love the black quad!

electro-kevin said...

I took an A level in law just to see if it was true.

I passed it with two weeks cramming using a book from WH Smiths albeit a grade D. I'm sure I could have got an A with a couple of month's effort.

I'm no genius btw.

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