Sunday, 10 August 2008

Tail wagging Dog

I was reading a rather interesting little blog over at the Fat bigots place regarding the abuse of "communities " to develop a power base, completely unelected of course. The bastards.

I was in Bristol over the weekend, visiting my brother, a complete cunt (needless to say). As a starter, we went to one of the many, many festivals that Bristol has to offer it's cider drenched student population every summer. Watched a good band and then I realised that the entire city is in fact not a city. It is a collection of "minorities".

I have no idea how Bristol Council functions but it would appear that those who shout loudest get whatever they want.


There is a shop in the Gloucester Road that sells all the necessary information to Poles to obtain council accomodation, tax credits and child benefit for the children your brother left behind in Krakow when he scooted over here in an uninsured VW Polo to live the good life.

St Pauls. If you are a white person, St Pauls is reasonably safe (not after dark of course). If you are black, all hell is let loose. You belong to one tribe or the other. Somalians (WTF? How far away is Somalia? How the hell did they get here and why the fuck do they want to come here?) seem to rule the roost with complete control of drugs and taxis. Your average Jamaican Yardie is stuffed, so shooting and stabbing is rife. The "result"? A multi billion pound regeneration of the city centre cannot be called "Merchants Centre" because one of these groups has decided that it might refer to the slave trade, and that would offend them. Not that it offends them to turn up at the dole office every two weeks for cash from the old colonial masters of course. Or demand "cultural centres" where every cunt who can make it down there spends all day drinking free coffee in the warm discussing how bad their lot is. After they came here from Jamaica. I digress

Students. Millions of the bastards. All pissing up alleyways after drinking ten pints of £3.50 lager (served to them by Poles, I may add) and all of them studying FUCK ALL that will make them money.

Everyone Else. All split up nicely into little "communities" so they can shout their fucking loudest at every council meeting and receive funding.

My brother designs really important buildings and their environments. Schools. These are places where the next generation will spend half of their lives either learning what they require to make a success of their lives or flushing other kids heads down the toilets (no longer possible. The man I met on Saturday on site politely explained that his company builds prisons as well with less CCTV) but my argument is that he is never lobby'ed by the "community". No one demands cash for a this or that. No one demands exclusive areas, exclusive "social cohesion" or any other bollocks. It's a school. So build some classrooms and make it nice for kids to go to everyday.

So why the flying fuck does every single group in Bristol from kite flyers to gay fisting feel they have a right to representation (always funded by you and me) to some exclusive deal that basically precludes 99.99% of EVERYONE and then smile like a bastard when the council caves in?

My advice to Bristol Council.

1. Whether you like it or not, most of the people who live in Bristol are Bristolians. Not Somalis, Jamaicans, Poles, Lithuanians or Morlock Welsh. So fucking listen to them. Just because they don't have heavy dub credentials or a need for Halal meat doesn't mean they don't want a great city. They do. Stop turning Bristol into some bizarre conceptual island where no one fucking knows where they belong. All it does is give unelected "spokesmen" a chance to wield power where they haven't earned it. They won't thank you for it and neither do the good citizens of Bristol.

Oh, and why the fucking hell do you have so many 24 hour bus lanes when the buses don't run 24 hours? See? Some bus travelling minority is blocking the bastard roads at 3am, whilst happily in bed, yet Bristolians, who need to actually get home from a night of drinking cider don't get a fucking say. Ask for a Lesbian Buddhist creche, operating at 4am till 7am and watch the millions pour in. No idiot will use it but the Lesbian Buddhist "community" are happy. Both of them. Fast asleep in a Yurt near Bedminster (near to the dole office) knowing that in the morning, they will go to work in the only Lesbian Buddhist creche in the UK (Agency Staff did the nightshift) and earn £40K a year because they have degrees in Pelvic Floor Art from Bristol University.

Bastards. A more perfect case of tail wagging dog would be difficult to find.


Enoch Thatcher said...

well what the fuck do you expect? this country started to go tits up straight after WWII (a labour government what a suprise !!! thanks churchill for winning the war for us now fuck off!) I dont give a fuck to be honest, nothing suprises me these days, it's my kids I feel sorry for, growing up in this shitehole of a country governed by liberal wanking cunts. Make no mistake I shall advise my boys to fuck off somewhere else as soon as they're old enough. That's provided they can read and write after progressing through our superb state education system, record a-level passes etc etc etc record tractor production. yawn .

We're all fucked.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Fair summary. Not sure about the Morlock Welsh though.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Fuck the Welsh, especially that cunt Aled Jones.

By chance, I was speaking to an MP the other week and pointing out to him the damage that prats like him had caused.

It will take at least two generations for the decline to level out BEFORE anything can be done to reverse the trend.

I'm off to France - for good.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I see your week in France has really mellowed you out.

Anonymous said...

I've signed up for my French course in September, then all I have to do is sell the bloody house for tuppence!

Old Holborn said...

Don't sell it. Rent it out. There are going to be millions looking for a property to rent in a years time and the council will pick up the tab.

Depending om where you intend to buy in France, you could pick up a real bargain. The French property market is on it's knees. I was in Angloeme last week and you can have a house for £40K

Bobsheadrevisited said...

There's nothing like a week away somewhere nice abroad to really focus the mind – on just how shit it is here.
Glad you had a good time, OH.

Rob Farrington said...

Nah, France is still a part of the bloody EU.

I'm off to South Carolina where I can drink lots of moonshine and fire an assault rifle into the air.

I'd prefer Kansas where they have even more liberal gun laws, but my fiance thinks that people from Kansas are all inbred hicks.

I suppose anywhere away from Gordon Brown would be an improvement, though. Just warn me if he ever tries to follow me so that he can lick my windows at 3am.

Lilith said...

Poor Bristol. A Labour strong hold and it is ignored by the government. Never got its trams. Ever noticed that the motorway signs virtually stop at Swindon on the M4 and the so called M5 has tufts of grass growing through the pot holes?

The girls are pretty in Bristol though. And Massive Attack were the best band of the 90's.

Old Holborn said...

The girls might have been pretty during the 90's but they have been replaced with obese land whales, with the dress sense of a menstruating walrus.

I had to bleach my eyes

Lilith said...

Oh yes, those. You get those everywhere nowadays. They used to be restricted to airports and motorway service stations. Sorry about the eyes.

Lilith said...

I had a menstruating walrus give me a scan recently. How do you get a job in the "health service" if you can barely get through the double doors? She was wearing a marquee, not a white coat. They are everywhere. And they could squash me flat in an instant.

BristolDave said...

Absolutely spot on. As a resident of Bristol for most of the 28 years of my life, I haven't seen a more accurate description.

Now stand for Mayor of Bristol so I can nominate you.

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