Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Not in the "Public" Interest

WTF? What the fuckity fuck? When did this happen? HOW in the name of Mary’s cunt did this happen?

Under new legislation being brought in by those 646 slimy cold blooded binge wankers who “rule” over us, the Government intends to do away with public inquests when they might look bad, drop the jury, dump the coroner and put a “government coroner” in to make sure that Stalin McSnot doesn’t get smeared with anything unpleasant.

David Howarth, the Liberal Democrat spokesman on home affairs, said: “These proposals are completely wrong. They allow the Secretary of State to remove a case from a jury on the vague ground that it is in the public interest – the whole thing is an appalling violation of the separation of powers.”

Meanwhile, the Reichstag issued the following piece of utter cockdribble to placate us like the stupid children that we are

“These proposed changes will ensure inquests are as thorough as possible by ensuring that the coroner can always examine all material central to the inquests even if the material cannot be disclosed publicly. They will ensure families can have absolute confidence in the conclusion the coroner reaches because the coroner will have had access to all the evidence.”

Absolutely amazing. Staggering. Broken, bottle, arse, sideways, shove beyond belief.

I am officially at piss boiling stage. I have asked Mrs Holborn to hide the rifle for a few days.

You EVIL cunts.You WILL be held accountable.

H/T Lilleth


leg-iron said...

So if you die sometime during that 42-days-without-charge, nobody needs to know why.

Watch out for those stairs.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Should have stayed in France, mate. You're going to have an embolism.

Lilith said...

embolii all round!

"WTF? What the fuckity fuck? When did this happen? HOW in the name of Mary’s cunt did this happen?"

Couldn't put it better myself.

Congrats on your blogging bronze by the way. Well deserved.

TBRRob said...

I despair -- when will people like you realise... It's for your own good... ;)

killemallletgodsortemout said...

We're English. We'll just sit back and take this appalling crock of shit.

Fuck me, the reasons for civil disobedience are growing by the day.

Vive la France.

Old Holborn said...


We won't.

I will not lie down and I am anything but alone. 12 months ago I wasn't armed. Today I am. 12 months ago, I didn't have a blog. Today I do. 12 months ago I worked for other people. Today, I work for myself.

In the next 12 months, you will see things you never thought possible in the UK.

I absolutely guarantee it.

Just make sure you are involved because chances like this come once in a lifetime. Do not be afraid. We ALL end up in the same place anyway. Lying next to those who ruled our one single lives, dictated our every move and thought only for their own profit. Cold. Dead. Six feet under.

Ghandi threw an empire on it's arse. Mandela did the same. Gorbachev. Lech Walesa. It IS possible. And if it is possible, I want it.

Guardian apostate said...

Old Holborn, that's the spirit but just make sure you know who the real enemies are. The likes of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are just patsy's for the real power brokers. I know the idea of there being an agenda for a New World Order as espoused by the likes of David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Alex Jones, Henry Makow and Alan Watt is unfashionable but that doesn't make it any less true. I was utterly dismissive until I bothered to do some research. Not any more. We're ruled and manipulated by evil people. The conspiracy theorists (a tag designed to ridicule and paint those with such beliefs as lunatics and fruit cakes) are (almost; some aspects of what's going on is still uncertain but there is a general consensus over large parts of the agenda) right.

Anonymous said...

This is a good starting point

Money As Debt:


FormerTory said...

Watch out for those stairs....

Perhaps new Police Stations will be built along the lines of South African ones in the days of apartheid; said to have seventh floor exits especially for detainees to, ah, escape through.

Old Holborn said...


They just ain't that clever. Christ, I could fall for every conspiracy theory in the book but ultimately, you have to ask yourself, are they that clever?

I don't think they are. From Israeli remote controlled planes hitting the twin towers to MI5 topping Diana, i'd like to think they did it. But the cold hard fact is they ain't that clever. If they were, the world would be a very different place.

They are just fuckbubblecocktardspasjizzmonkies trying to be clever. And getting it so wrong, there can't ever be serious planning behind it.

We have built amazing things. Our societies are deeply complex, our knowledge almost unlimited. If there really was a conspiracy out there, they would have wiped the floor with us.

Not to say that the world isn't full of evil cunts though...

Guardian apostate said...

Old Holborn, with respect you're wrong. The mistake you make is to assume the likes of Bush, Blair, Brown, Sarkozy etc and the minions around them are the ones doing the planning. They aren't, they're just the front men. I thought exactly like you until I actually looked closely at what the likes of David Icke et al were saying. Ask yourself this; who controls the banks, prints the money, lends it to us and Governments and charges interest on it? The Federal Reserve and The Bank of England are both privately owned institutions as well as all the other central banks across Europe and the most of the world. Answer that question and you'll begin to see who is really in charge and making the decisions that count. Nothing happens by chance, they know exactly what they're doing which includes the phony 'credit crunch', the disarray in the Labour Party, food and oil price rises and the global warming scam.

They are 'wiping the floor' with us; mass immigration; the global warming scam, dubious wars; higher taxes and dysfunctional public services; more surveillance; less freedom, the list is endless. Day by day we're getting ever closer to the end game; the New World Order (as espoused by Bush senior and more recently Gordon Brown) and the One World Government. Why don't you watch the video I link to below. It's a speech made by David Icke at the recent David Davis/42 days detention by election. I guarantee you'll find it fascinating and it will give you just a glimpse of what's 'going on'. I've only watched a bit of the video linked to by anonymous above (I shall watch the rest tomorrow) but that may well be worth watching as well. Things are very much not as they seem which in no small part is down to the fact that the 'elites' who control the money supply, major corporations and political parties also control the media.

To be honest I find it less believable that they don't know what they're doing. How it all works would obviously take far too long to explain here but the video below is as good a start as any.



Guardian apostate said...

I've just watched the video anonymous linked to at 10.06 and I agree, it's very good place to start.

Essential viewing for all.

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