Thursday, 21 August 2008

Must watch TV

It would appear that our Police do not know the law regarding taking pictures in public. Especially PCSO CW 7166. The arrogant fascist little cunt. If he had talked to me like that, I'd have been shitting down his throat in under three seconds.

Bearded Clam


ranter said...

The nasty little gook was seen a few weeks ago sliding along the building line in Oxford Street. Having seen this film before i wished I had a camera, even a bloody mobile, so i could take or even pretend to take 'charlies' photos and see if he would react. The slitty eyes cunt doesn't even speak Engrish!!

Snowolf said...

Nasty little fucker is obviously on loan from the Chinese.

I'd hate shouted 'rape, assault, murder, cattle rustling', anything. Perhaps even have effected a citizen's arrest for assault, it is, after all, on camera.

What a cunt. . .

Old Holborn said...

I would politely remind the arrogant little cunt that he is my servant, I pay his wages and he calls me Sir, not the other way around.
If he doesn't like it, he can always go back to the laundry or kitchen. Or cockleing in Morecombe Bay.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

This country is completely broken, isn't it? :o(

curly15 said...

Some of us are starting to fight back in a real way, read this (and the links below it.

Henry Crun said...

Somebody should remind him that he is policing the streets of London not Tianenmen Square

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Just another example of the creeping of the totalitarian state.

You mean to tell me that this obnoxious little cunt is still working after this demonstration of his behaviour towards a law-abiding member of the public?

The slitty-eyed little shit should have been sacked, for fuck's sake.

Why the fuck do we tolerate this shit?

Fair play to curly. Good on yer.

McCall said...

This is the kind of pathetic small-minded little individual who gets a job as a train revenue inspector or council employee.

Not even a proper fucking copper... what a joke.

Danny said...

My, what a nasty bunch of racists we have here. Well done; you've completely undermined your valid complaint about the PCSO's conduct.

dunnys absent father said...

Danny said...
My, what a nasty bunch of racists we have here. Well done; you've completely undermined your valid complaint about the PCSO's conduct.

23 August 2008 02:41

Well said Dunny. You are a shining example of the reasons why this country is in a mess. Please do all the sane people in this country a favour and go and live in China - they need you.
You're just pissed off because you're the only one in your school who didn't get any 'A' grades; no surprise there.

Anyway CBBC tv is on in a minute, ask your single parent Mummy for an orange juice and a biscuit (if she's back from the DSS), and go and watch it.

idle said...

Danny - Why is it racist to call this little shit a "gook cunt" instead of just a "cunt"?

Both bits are true and both bits are relevant, given that he has outraged us by his ignorance of the law and his un-British attitude, and drawn attention to himself.

Had it been a particularly thick and obnoxious Geordie, Scouser, Jock or Cornishman, you can be sure that the invective aimed at him would have made reference to the fact.

Until stupid people like you learn to control your (bogus?) oversensitivity, we will continue to make no progress on race in this country. People should be able to call a spade a spade; in the blogworld, there are plenty of us who will call a spade a fucking shovel. Don't worry your pretty little head about it.

Old Holborn said...

Danny, you make the fundamental socialist mistake that a flippant comment is made to the detriment of an entire race to the advantage of another entire race.

It is isn't.

I fucking hate EVERYONE with equal venom. People who eat cats, thieving 419 scammers, wifebeaters, people who force their 12 year old daughters to marry their nephews aged 35, people who perform female genital mutilation, people who decide women have no rights, people who kidnap 14 year old girls in Eastern Europe and force them into sex slavery, people who insist on carrying guns in London to protect their drug dealing and pimping territories, people who stab other people for dissing them or people who believe I should be dead if I am not prepared to worship their God.

See? Race not mentioned once, yet I think you get the picture.

Now fuck off. Silly little cuntbubble.

Danny said...

Racist, of course, because the PCSO's race is irrelevant the fact that he is indeed, on the evidence of this video, a cunt. I'm not being oversensitive, I am well aware of the venomous pondlife that swills around the place. You are welcome to your repellent, bigoted little rants. I'm just telling it as it is.

Old Holborn said...

His race IS irrelevent. He is a foreigner abusing British people and has the authority to do it on our streets.

Call me old fashioned, call me prejudiced, call me a bigot. I am. Racist I am not. If I am going to be butt fucked by the State, I don't need a cat eating chink dwarf to do it.

You are not telling it as it is. You, like me, are telling it HOW YOU SEE IT. There is a major difference. Go away and think about it.

Then come back and call us Nazis. We like that.

Winston Smith said...

Racist is what a liberal calls you when he has lost the argument.

Danny is perfectly welcome to call me racist because I am.

I believe there are differences between races, after 35 years I finally decided to start believing what I heard and saw everyday rather than what my teachers and betters in the media and government had told me.

If anyone wants to drop an atom bomb on their white liberal guilt I thoroughly recomend this book:

A Race Against Time: Racial Heresies for the 21st Century

idle said...

I reckon Danny might be a slope himself, hence his dudgeon.

I am well-travelled, particularly in Africa, Asia and Europe. My observation is that Britain is less "racist" than most countries. The podium for arrogant superiority is dominated by Asians, with the Chinese in gold medal spot.

Outside the Anglosphere you will not come across guilt-ridden liberal media twisting and turning fact and context and intent on its head.

There you go, Danny - something for you to feel superior about - we are the best country in the world at identifying the worst of our past behaviour and feeling guilty about it!

Old Holborn said...

Danny is simply a classic socialist

WE should do as we are told because THEY know best.

THEY is the word socialists use for the "collective". Not themselves but everyone else who is running the place.

Socialists sit at dinner parties and play Dub albums and world music because it makes them think that black men will like them. They listen to Rap because they feel guilty that their great great great grandfathers once knew someone who had worked on a slave ship. They hope it will make black people forgive them.

And because they have gone to such extraordinary lengths in the hope that black people will like them, they will come down like a ton of bricks on any white person who is not doing the same.

Danny, I am not part of a collective. I am me. I do what I do because I am who I am. I don't care much for anyone other than my friends and family and I certainly don't need to be loved by total strangers. I am happy to die doing what I thought was best, not what others insist is best for me. Unless of course they can come up with a system that lets me live for 500 years. They haven't yet. Most Socialist regimes have dramatically shorterned their citizens life expectancy.

You go to the same place I do when I die. I get one life, just like you. So leave me alone.

In the meantime, if you are "offended" by what you CHOOSE to read in MY blog, then I offer you a full refund and a huge slice of "shut the fuck up" cake. With a complimentory "cunt" as a bonus.

Danny said...

Idle: I agree; the UK is far less racist than most places, but that doesn't excuse the racism that exists.

Winston Smith: You say you are racist. I believe you.

Old Holborn: You say you are not racist. I don't believe you. A "cat eating chink dwarf" you say? Nice touch. Yes, I am saying it as I see it, but on this one I am right. Why so touchy? Why not just accept that you are racist? You'll be much happier when you come out.

Danny said...

Old Holborn: Just seen your update. Sorry, but I'm not a socialist. Socialists can be racist too. To avoid being a racist you can be of any political persuasion but you must be a decent human being. Sorry, you fail the test. I'm not offended by what I read here. You're just talking entertaining bollocks.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"I'd have been shitting down his throat in under three seconds."

Isn't that a German predilection? Not sure if it'll catch on over here.

Henry Crun said...

Danny, if you don't like it here just fuck off. None of us will change the way we think just because YOU don't like it.

Thank god the school holidays are nearly over.

Mark Wadsworth said...

On the topic of worst 'blogs ever, have you ever visited Snowflake 5?

Anonymous said...

Danny, keep going because the various responses to your trolling nonsense is highly enjoyable AND true!

archduke said...

anyone else find the PCSO uniform to be somewhat Nazi or Soviet in design...

kind of reminds me of it..

as for the fascist chink cunt - he probably works for the Chinese secret police. nothing would surprise me with this godawful joke of a government.

electro-kevin said...


You gotta admit ... the guy is a chink, is a dwarf and may well have eaten at least one cat.

You're being just a tad over-sensative don'tchya fink ?

But aren't you just a teeny bit worried about who's stomping around in uniform at the government's bidding ?

electro-kevin said...

I've quoted you on my blog, Old Holborn. Hope you don't mind.

Danny said...

Electro Kevin: the nationality, height and food preferences of government employees doesn't bother me one jot. I guess they would if I were racist, however.

Anon @ 18:27: if I have managed to facilitate a bit of truthfulness - for racists to spout racism - then I am happy to be of assistance. It's like turning over stone and watching the louses scatter. Entertaining, in it's own way.

Old Holborn: just spotted your link to the Libertarian Party. Curious. I guess you must be one of those libertarians, who wants the state to wither down to an Immigration Service? Liberty and freedom, eh, except for darkies to come to our country?

Enjoy your swamp, fuckwits.

Old Holborn said...

The only role of the state is to defend borders and keep the streets safe by upholding the law.

I don't see why the state has any role deciding whether I can brew beer, smoke, keep a tiger, wear clothes or buy tampons at 8am on a Sunday morning, but for some reason it thinks it does. As well as educating my children, telling me what speed I can drive on an empty motorway, deciding where I can travel, telling me to eat up all my greens and taking half my money. I left home at 18 because I wanted to be responsible for what happened to me. It seems the State has an urgent need to treat us all as incompetant children, not to be trusted and spoon fed from morning till night.

If it wants to treat me like a child, it shouldn't be surprised if I sometimes vomit on the new sofa or shit in it's face when it tries to change my nappy.

Danny said...

You can brew beer, and smoke, even wear clothes. Keeping a tiger could be a risk to others. If the state tells you to eat your greens just ignore it. But how does it decide where you should be able to travel? Do you support free movement of people? Great, me too. But that also goes for foriegners being able to live and work here if they so choose, don't you think?

ranter said...

This Danny character is a damn fine troll. If we ignore him he may go away.

Old Holborn said...

Here you are. I found Danny's blog

Nasty Wacist said...

"Do you support free movement of people? Great, me too. But that also goes for foriegners being able to live and work here if they so choose, don't you think?"

If they choose?

Most english people would choose for them not to come here.

But as in the rest of europe the views of the indiginous population are ignored.

I'm sure the program of population replacement has Danny's full support.

Danny said...

“Most english people would choose for them not to come here.”

Don’t judge what most English people believe by what your narrow band of associates believe. You’re not even English yourself, judging by your spelling of “programme”. Or did you mean pogram? Or perhaps you’re just thick.

“But as in the rest of europe the views of the indiginous population are ignored.”

As they should be. The state should have no role in enforcing the tyranny of the majority, or of a vocal and sinister minority. It should exist to ensure liberty, and that includes the freedom for people to live wherever they choose. As a libertarian Old Holborn must agree with me; otherwise he isn’t a libertarian, just a big fucking joke. Surely not!

nasty wacist said...

"Don’t judge what most English people believe by what your narrow band of associates believe."

survey after survey shows that the majority of people do not want unlimited immigration.

part of the states role is to defend the borders of a country.

unlimited immigration is as big a threat to the english as an invading foreign army.

you don't sound like a libertarian to me as you would deny the english the right to decided who is allowed to live in the country.

You seem more like just another liberal fascist, wanting to impose your view of what is right on the majority, whilst denying them the right to make their own decisions.

idle said...

It's POGROM, not pogram, danny. So don't start calling people thick.

1. ' "the views of the indiginous population are ignored”....
As they should be.'

This is the sort of breathtaking arrogance and condescension that gives the so-called political elite the bad name it so richly deserves. If you come to a site like this and start spouting shite like that, prepare yourself for being called a cunt.

2."The state should have no role in enforcing the tyranny of the majority"


That is more or less exactly its job in a democracy, sunshine. You and I might wish our politicians to recognise that a majority can sometimes be a tyranny, but that isn't the point; governments get elected on a manifesto, and are expected to carry out those policies. Often, they will be populist policies. People like you DON'T know better, though you think you do.

Danny said...

“It's POGROM, not pogram, danny. So don't start calling people thick.”

Fair play.

As for the rest of what you’ve written Idle, I think we’re at cross-purposes. Yes, democracies act on the instruction of the majority, but from a libertarian point of view the government should merely maintain the rule of law and enforce property right, leaving the rest to individuals. Immigration controls should be beyond its remit, whatever the electorate vote for, as they are an infringement on liberty, and to a libertarian liberty is more important that democracy.

nasty wacist said...

"to a libertarian liberty is more important that democracy"

Democracy will not survive unlimited 3rd world immigration.

Without a democratic state there can be no freedom for all but a privileged few.

When our lives are dictated by a religious majority we will be able to thank the naivety of the liberal fascists such as Danny

AntiCitizenOne said...

Democracy comes from two words and basically means power to the singular people (demos).

Multi-culturalism = Multi-peoples.

Democracy is impossible in a multi-demos society.

Old Holborn said...


Libertarianism is not about freedom per se. It is about freedom from the State.

When the State decides that it wants unfettered immigration, that affects my quality of life. Boo.

The purpose, more than anything else of me posting this video was to show that no matter what you do, no matter how harmless your actions, given the chance, the State will interfere and dictate what you can and can't do. In this case, an instrument of the State (PCSO) decided that he knew best (as they always do) and made up his own laws on the spot. Go to any country where the State has absolute power and you find "instruments" like him blocking the road every 10 miles and asking for bribes. Go to a Libertarian State like Switzerland and you won't see the Police. There is no need for them.

(except of course when the hook nosed Stanis, silveries or Albanians run riot)

Danny said...

No. Libertarianism is, exactly, pro-freedom, per se. It is anti-state insofar as the state infringes on freedom. It actively requires a small, efficient state to uphold the rule of law and so ensure liberty.

How can the state “decide it wants unfettered immigration”? Unfettered immigration, no borders and freedom of movement are the natural order of things. It is state interference that has drawn up borders, prevented free movement and restricted liberty. By all mean, argue for the state to impose solutions on things that affect your quality of life, but you could use that argument for almost anything. That way lies socialism and the road to serfdom.

As for the rest of what you’ve written it is hard to keep track of the errors, but briefly; this video is more representative of one man’s idiocy that of state interference, considering his actions are not backed up by the law in any way; bribery is as much a problem in countries with a weak state apparatus as it is in autocracies; and Switzerland is not a Libertarian country. Other than that I agree with every word.

nasty wacist said...

Danny claims to be a libertarian but his initial posts indicate he is more interested in promoting a politically correct agenda and preventing people from expressing themselves in an "incorrect" way.

just another liberal fascist

nasty wacist said...

"Unfettered immigration, no borders and freedom of movement are the natural order of things."

lol, how very naive.

I think you'll find that without law an order tribal war is the natural order of things, with a member of one tribe in fear of their life if found on the territory of another.

You can see it all across africa, new guinea and some parts of the more diverse areas of the UK.

Now why don't you go back to smoking skunk and listening to Bob Marley records.

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