Saturday, 30 August 2008

London is a DISGRACE

London gang areas

OH has been in London for the past few days. I very very rarely go there because I detest public transport (it gives you nits and bedbugs) but I had to travel around to get some shit done with a German business partner.

Anyway, my point. The place is a fucking shithole. I was born in London and lived most of my young life in South London. You wouldn't recognise it today. Now accepting the fact that I am a cynical bigot and a bad tempered bastard, even I was shocked. I drove into East London and it reminded of certain areas of Bangladesh. I drove through South London and it IS Kingston, Jamaica. Even the Kraut I was with was totally shocked. I'm not talking about a few quaint misnomers but a full on 100% invasion. East London was the worst. I didn't see anything that indicated I wasn't in Bangladesh until a red bus drove past. Remarkable. I love a curry as much as the next man but for fucks sake, there were more tents walking down Shoreditch High Street (to visit the East London Mosque no doubt) than you would see at Glastonbury.

And it stank. Not the usual smell of diesel and hard work you often whiff in a city but that warm, dank, disease laden stink of blocked drains and rotting food. If you have ever walked around a souk in Dubai or Marrakesh, you know the smell. It is like nothing else. I was in Exmouth market and it reeked. Fucking disgusting!

Then I noticed the gangs. Everywhere. Foreign youth in hoards lingering everywhere. Somalis, Asians, Blacks. I think the white kids have moved to Kent. So I did a bit of research and found this site. It referes to the gangs of London and it is fucking disturbing. Have a browse around in it and tell me things have got better for our capital city.

London no longer exists. There is now a collection of vested interests of minorities fighting over the rubble and it makes me sad. Last weekend I was in Germany and yes, they have a high immigrant Turkish population. However, they have been told to behave themselves, learn German and fit in. And they do. Very well. Germany remains German whilst the UK is simply a hotchpotch of ghettos, defended by people who live in safe gated communities or thatched cottages in Oxfordshire, vote for those lovely socialists and read the Guardian. They have given England away to anyone who wants it and those people in turn have turned it into whatever shithole they left.

It's a fucking disgrace and I would like to apologise to my children for what WE let happen. I don't see a way back either unless it is going to get very very ugly.


JuliaM said...

"London no longer exists. There is now a collection of vested interests of minorities fighting over the rubble..."

Working precisely as Nu Labour intended...

future resident of Antartica said...

All big cities are the same.

Fetid, dangerous badlands.

Old Holborn said...

Not true.

I travel to many many cities and those who do not have ghettos are delightful. Copenhagen, Oslo, Munich etc etc

Bobsheadrevisited said...

Tell me about it.
I still live in South London, although not for much longer, hopefully.

Any Guardian-reading tit who thinks that it is not that bad, that I'm paranoid, or that multicultural Britain is something we should all be proud of, is an absolute cunt.

It is, as you say, a shitehole.
Well done. It needs to be said.

Mark Wadsworth said...

It is depressing. But just imagine you were my Dad who grew up in Bradford in the 1940s and 1950s ...

woman on a raft said...

Yep. Growing up in Bradford in the 40s and 50s was really depressing, if the lot I have to deal with are anything to go by.

I realize that's not what you meant, Mark, but you've got to admit that if you had to guess Leonard Cohen's nationality, Yorrrkshire would be the obvious choice, not happy-go-lucky Canada.

Anonymous said...

I`m sure most civilised intelligent
non socialists must be thinking as you do OH.Unfortunatly our once great country has fallen foul of an insidious government with a fallacious view of immigration. Of course the mere mention that their policys on immigration may be flawed leaves you with the " hitlers right hand man " label. Personally i dont have a problem with people coming here if they have something to add to the community, but i do take exception to whole areas of our citys being swamped by uncontrolled immigration resulting in a fucking dangerous shithole where no decent humam being would wish to live.

Mark Wadsworth said...

WOAR, fair point.

Anon, you must admit though, to compensate for all the failings of the police, immigration control, customs and excise, armed forces etc, and to counterbalance the inducements that our gummint offers welfare claimants from around the globe, at least the gummint is spending millions on TV advertising the fact that employers who take on illegal immigrants will get punished most severely.

That'll sort out the problem in no time.

ranter said...

What an amzing website.
I'm sure the police don't have anything so 'joined up' as they seem to perform in their own exclusive bubbles of reality; driven by a politically correct, socialist, social engineering ethos which has taken hold since the early '80's. This was kicked off by the Tories and their capitulation to the left in the form of PACE 1984 in the wake of Scarman and his report into the black urban riots. Further hammered home by Lord 'he's gone native' Macpherson's ludicrous inquiry and report in 1999.

You are spot on about the ghettoes that now exist. It is a fucking disgrace, but remember in these areas, elderly and perfectly pleasant people have to exist in these fetid estates, now living in a foreign war zone, vulnerable to the preying, robbing vultures. White yoots speaka da lingo wiv da raht 'black' accent, white sluts put out and produce more and more brown babies and then get their own flat so Delbert or Hussein can deal dope etc from it.
The elderly especially imprisoned, unable to go out, reliant on some Nigerian 'care' worker to pop round and feed them or clean them.
DO you know that in soem poarts of South london the sex offenders register is chock full of Somali yoot? Not at all surprising, yet the police have to contact an 'elder' - part of the Independant Advisory Group (IAG) for that area - should an 'incident' involving a Somali occur - often the first thing the police have to do before doing anything else. Pathetic.
Kingsland High road, Dalston after dark resembles the main street in any Araby country, strip fluorescent lighting, moustachiod males, smoking, drinking tea, you are the foreigner in your own country.
We need to call in an airstrike, ASAP.

ranter said...

"why can't we all live together........"

" coloured people....melting pot......."

Old Holborn said...


I was expecting to be taken to the cleaners for this post. Labeled a BNP Nazi, a vile racist or a facist.

I'm not. I just don't like seeing what was a good city replaced by a shitty, violent and lawless jungle from the third world.

London gave Western society many things. Now all it gives is a hiding place for pyschotic gangsters who would be hanging on the end of a rope for their behaviour in the countries of their birth.

nasty wacist said...

two questions:

where have all the english people gone?

why is everyone so rude and aggressive?

I grew up in Lambeth and watched the place turn from an essentially decent area to a violent third world craphole.

London is lost and I fear for the rest of the country.

The politicians who instigated this are traitors.

Old Holborn said...

It appears that white flight victims are heading for Oz, NZ, France and Canada (and the scum are going to Spain and Tuscany).

Everyone is rude and aggressive because they have seen that you get what you want when you are rude and aggressive. Respect, innit.

Values that generations lived by are simply gone. Poor but honest. Not any more. Poor but nick everything that ain't nailed down, wear designer gear when you live in a caravan and drive a BMW on the never never is the new way forward for those too lazy to get an education/job.

Wankers. I read the other day that 81% of Somalis in this country are unemployed. Can't be long before the bastards are running pirate ships out of Dover and hijacking P&O car ferries full of old Dorises on a day trip to Calais.

Old Holborn said...

I blogged this back in January (by a proper journo)

have a read

Tomrat said...

My thoughts go out to you OH for having to visit our nations "capital". I wonder if there will be anything left for the LPUK to solve by the time people get it through their thick skulls that much of their fiddling have left Rome to be reduced to cinders.

We dont need controlled immigration or BNP-style "measures", we just need to stop funding lifestyles conducive to "do as thou wilt from someone elses pocket" politics.

The sooner we can get the present shower out of whitehall the better.

Incidentally there is less of this problem in Leeds, which actually has some nice communities (at least I think).

Snowolf said...

'we just need to stop funding lifestyles conducive to "do as thou wilt from someone elses pocket" politics.'

Superb line, Tomrat. That sums it all up superbly.

Call me Infidel said...

I think I saw the writing on the wall some seven or so years back when working as an immigration officer in Dover. Back then we had upwards of a hundred "asylum seekers" a day turn up.

No documents or identity, so no chance of sending them back. We would then attempt to send some of them back to European countries where they had been encountered previously. Usually Austria or Germany, the only countries in Europe who "play the game."

However our efforts were invariably stymied by the full might of the judiciary paid for in full by you the taxpayer. They would use every trick in the book to prevent the UK government removing these people even though they had been accepted in a friendly European country.

As for those that had managed to evade the authorities. Well they had the full protection of Mrs Bliars Human Rights Act to fall back on. I witnessed too many outrageous decisions to list here. Added to that we have our "friends in Europe" who have managed to offload all their undesirables on UK Plc. and again our "friends in the judiciary" who think it perfectly acceptable for Somalis with Dutch citizenship to come to the Uk and live off our welfare system.

Long term I think the UK faces a catastrophic breakdown in civil order. The Balkans is coming to a city near you I fear. I don't see any way out short of as OH suggests a revolution, and it would be bloody ugly. None of the mainstream political parties have any intention of telling Europe to fuck off which ultimately is what needs to be done.
Personally I took the cowards way out and emigrated.

AngryDave said...

I had the misfortune to spend 3 months living in central Londonistan earlier this year. It HAS turned into a ghetto, and there were fucking ninja's everywhere.

Big Fat Trucker said...

Nothing like a melting pot to raise the temperature. A mate of mine is in the emergency services. He regularly gets called to horrendous injuries, none of which make the local paper. Why? The participants are on opposite sides in Iraq. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese grow dope and get rich selling it future mental patients.

Can't have that sort of thing getting out, can we? Not when our Glorious Chief Constable (a minority person) looking like someone who can't control her own streets. Oops, did I just give the game away?

All that aside, we like the Poles. They work hard, they only drink until they're merry and they can beat the shit out of any 5 chavs, or 12 bhangramuffins.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so racist? As a libertarian you are supposed to support the free movement of people. You are not a real libertarian.

vermilion J said...

Piss off you imbecile.

vermilion J said...

I took a bus from Acton to Uxbridge yesterday, it's about ten miles and takes over an hour, and it was like travelling through a city in India or Somalia. The entire way. I kept thinking 'surely it changes soon, this can't go on forever', but it just does.

vermilion J said...

It wasn't the politicians who instigated it, they were following orders. Who did instigate it? Well let Barbara Spectre tell you.

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