Wednesday, 20 August 2008

A German tells it like it is

H/T Tim Worstall

I've just had a response regarding the
Petition to give us a vote on the EU Treaty. It contained a fantastic reason for keeping the EU.

Our membership allows us to live, work and travel across Europe and to receive free medical care if we fall sick on holiday...

How cool is that? I'm only paying our masters £678 per year medical insurance to travel to Greece. Where I never travel .( I usually get my travel insurance for £38 a year from but what do I know?)

Fucking arrogant cunts. You WILL pay for your treachery. There are 500 million of us and only 9000 of you.

Remember what the Hungarians say


Anonymous said...

I just love this comment in the response,

Parliament remains the correct place for debate and decision on such treaties.

This bunch of fascist bastards have sidelined Parliamentary debate so far that most of the fucking MP's are completely sidelined. I can't wait to dance on their political graves.

Old Holborn said...


I intend to defacate on ALL of their graves, dig up their rotting corspes, cut off their grinning, spinning heads and stick them on traitors gate where they belong.


Mark Wadsworth said...

But that blonde bird right at the start of the clip is a bit tasty. I bet under that ice cold exterior she goes like a rocket (cont. page 94).

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Mark, isn't that Merkel? German birds are insane ... I could tell you some stories ... :o)

Old Holborn said...

Obo, don't even go there

I lived there. I toured there for three years.

Have I ever told you about the groupie who shat in my SINK?

Ye GODS. The STORIES I could tell...

TBRRob said...

Great poster. No need to understand the language.

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