Thursday, 21 August 2008

Caption Contest

Example: "The man no one wants back in Britain flies to another far eastern country in search of sanctuary..."

h/t Rainmaker


Anonymous said...

GB:- Sorry I cannot join you today on your Spanair flight from Madrid to Las Palmas, as I have to go to Afghanistan and China but I just want to wish you all a happy holiday.

Lilith said...

GB "Honest mate, I didn't mean to actually get your shoulder with the mobile phone...just pracising my shot put..ha ha"

Injured Yes Man "That's alright, Gordon, no harm done"

idle said...

Mrs Brown: "My husband can stick his fingers up his nose to the second knuckle"

Hacks: "How does he smell?"

Mrs B: "Terrible!"

Cue: sycophantic laughter, roll around on aircraft floor

Lunchtime O'Hack: "More Dom Perignon, Carlos!"

Old Holborn said...

I ran this elsewhere as well

Have a heart

Celteh said...

Brown aides feign amusement while looking for the exit.

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