Sunday, 17 August 2008

American Wife Swap



Mac the Knife said...

Well, it certainly went dark here when that enormous jacksy loomed through the door.

Defined the term 'holy shit' rather neatly I felt...

Lilith said...

I think it must be quite stressful being a Christian sometimes. What with the Dark Side and all...Someone exorcise that woman!

leg-iron said...

I followed some of the other links that come up at the end. The hysterical walrus's friends interrogated some poor woman with Gestapo efficiency.

Makes me want to send her Tarot cards in the post, one a day.

I know which one I'd save for last.

Mac the Knife said...

'I know which one I'd save for last'

I didn't know there was one called 'The Looney with the Enormous Jacksy'

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I didn't know that Anne Widdecombe could do the American accent thing!

Lawks-a-mercy, ah hope ah don't meet her in heaven!

Anonymous said...

I've just read there's a beached whale in the Thames estuary, oops, sorry, I'm on the wrong thread.
For fuck's sake, imagine being fucking married to a fucking dragon with bingo wings and an arse like that.
Park your bike in could park a fucking double decker bus in it and have space for a skip lorry.


Anyway, I digress, praise the the lord!!

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