Sunday, 27 July 2008

So what has New Labour done for YOU?

Old Holborn is not the author of this post. That belongs to Crumpy Gunt over at Grumpier Old Men

ZNL lose their third safest seat. Where have ZNL gone wrong?Where do you start?

Alienating the electorate. My summary:

They have a PM that was handed the job by his predecessor who is wholly unpopular as he looks and is a knob.He can’t do the job, he can’t communicate, he looks a knob and whenever I see him on the box he lies, dithers and looks half asleep.

He’s brought nothing new to the table since TB pissed off.

As for things that are pissing people off:

  • Not allowing a vote on the EU which ZNL promised.

  • Wasting lives and money needlessly IMHO in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Not giving troops the best equipment that is available.

  • ZNL failing in their duty of care to our armed forces.

  • Making the elderly sell their homes to fund their own healthcare.

  • Compulsory ID cards.

  • Letting prisoners out early as they’ve failed to build new prisons.

  • Other dangerous prisoners also walking out of Open Prisons almost on a daily basis.

  • Stealth Taxes. Never ending, ever increasing.

  • Abysmal stewardship of the judicial system handing out ludicrously low sentences.

  • Lack of Police on the streets.

  • Burglary no longer an imprisonable offence.

  • Lacklustre Ministers, many of them women who come out with one barking mad policy after another. E.g only being able to appoint minority groups to jobs.

  • Embracing the ‘Human Rights Act’ which is 99% used by scrotes.

  • Filthy MRSA and C Diff ridden Hospitals which show people that ZNL doesn’t give a toss about you.

  • Anti Global warming (stealth taxation). E.g Road Tax soon to go through the roof.

  • Unchecked food, petrol, gas and electricity increases.

  • Doing fuck all about the Equitable Life fiasco (which affected around 1m people).

  • Monitoring peoples private phone calls, e-mail and texts.

  • Total over surveillance.

  • Failing to control immigration.

  • Not being able to find David Cameron’s bike.

  • Northern Rock fiasco. Another massive waste of money.

  • Failing to regulate financial institutions effectively thereby causing the credit crunch.

  • Not sacking Ian Blair.

  • Failing to build new roads resulting in humungous congestion practically everywhere.

  • House prices falling.

  • Nanny state laws being introduced daily.

  • Smoking ban. fucking up pub life.

  • Giving charitable donations to pisspot countries who are bugger all to do with us and wouldn’t give us the snot off their noses if it was the other way round.

  • Fucking up the London Tube.

  • Creating an environment where the Police seem to be on the side of scrotes not the taxpayers that pay their wages.

  • Useless measures like ASBO’s, community service orders that deter nobody.

  • Impression that prisoners suffer no real hardship, in fact have a better standard of living than those on the outside.

  • NHS Postcode lottery causing absolute mayhem in the NHS. Massively unfair.

  • Confiscating Boris Johnson's cigar case that he nicked from Tariq Aziiz's bombed house.

  • High percentage of school leavers who can’t even read and write.

  • People are afraid to go out at night through fear of being mugged, raped, stabbed or shot.

  • Many estates like the wild west.

  • Law and order is a joke.

  • People ending up with a criminal record for committing relatively minor offences such as dropping a dog end in the street.

  • Over zealous use of terror legislation to throw out moaning old blokes attending ZNL party conferences or Japanese tourists taking photographs of the House of Commons.

  • Scottish and Welsh divollution adding massively to taxation and chaos.

  • Endless PC Bollocks.

Guido's fellow conspirators are adding to the list


Barnsley Bill said...

Where is the link to my blog you hatemonger?

max the impaler said...

I think you left out being the ugliest bunch of bastards ever to pose for the camera.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

New Labia brought us Blair's Babes.

Mags Beckett.

That Ruth Kelly chap.


New Labia Totty - Makes You Want To Puke!

Anonymous said...

New Labour - Home of the Fascist Fairies. David Milliband that great family man wants to be Prime Minister . So anxious to be a family man he went to the States to buy two kids. The man who wants to be Blair Number 2, and, if elected will bring back Mincing Alan Milburn, David "Bonkers" Blunkett and the Blunkettes (silly women who wear knickers to keep their ankles warm), bustling Steven Byers the serial liar, and who knows, the Fairy Queen Tony himself not to mention Lord levy (I said not to mention him)

Our Dave's as straight as the next man. Just a pity the nexty man is Julian Clary.

Bob said...


Back from holiday?

I hope you gave the frogs a hard time, I had lunch with a couple of them last week and the fuckers were 'explaining' how EDF were wonderful and it was because they are so big that no one can buy them. Nothing to do with France being a bunch of crooked cunts.

Lilith said...

Killemall, Tory Totty, on the other hand, actually exists! We are having that lovely Annunciata round for tea...

Thud said...

Thanks for the timely reminder of why I'm in the process of doing a bunk.

sofa covers said...

So what has New Labour done for YOU?
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