Thursday, 24 July 2008

A Slight Recess

Old Holborn is away next week upsetting the French, plundering their wine cellars and hitting their children, whilst pushing every fluff lipped teenager he can find off their pathetic mopeds.
Blogging may be slow. Diplomatic relations with the Gauls may hit a new low.


Anonymous said...


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Anthony Butcher

Tuscan Tony said...

Superbo, OH, I might steal this (and credit you). Have a great break. Stamp on snails, drink Old Speckled Hen, insist on bacon with the brekkie croissant. You know you want to.

Old Holborn said...

The Holborn-mobile will be laden with plundered booty. I have already acquired 7 London Olympics 2012 Tee Shirts for daily wear, a dart board with Sarkozy's face nailed to it (to while away those long evenings in the bars, shouting at the natives) and my local knowledge of the dialect is honed and ready

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