Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Primary School riots in Pakistan

After the government announced today that strict new laws and restrictions will be applied in an attempt to curb forced marriages and the importation of child brides into the UK, 9 year fiancees of their 30 year old cousins rioted in Karachi.

7 year old Fatima said (via a translator)

This is shit, innit. Ever since I was born, I have been engaged to Habib Hubcap, my dad's brother. I'm supposed to be in Bradford by now, bigging it up wiv da Mothercare Massive instead of sitting here chewing dust for like, no rupees a day, whatever, to support the family housebrick business. We are not happy. Mohammed married a foetus AND had bridesmaids and cake and everything, so this is obviously another outrage against Islam. Like them pictures, innit.

Her Fiance, 30 year old Mr Habib Hubcap, speaking from his taxi in Bradford said (via a translator)
This is shit, innit. I've filled in the child benefit forms, my other wives have bought her a Bratz doll in Argos from their own pocket money and now what? 21 years old before Fatima can join me in my bed? Fuck me, life expectancy for females is only 14 in my province, so I guess I'm engaged to a corpse. My brother paid me £3000 to marry this inbred and I've already spent that on the Mondeo so he's not getting that back, I can bloody well tell you....I feel a Jihad coming on. What's Trevor Phillip's number, innit?

Jacqui Smith is lovely and currently in hiding.

Pakistani cousins outside the infant school gates today in Karachi


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Pure class!

Who did you nick it from? :o)v

Old Holborn said...

Yeah right. Pravda blurted this out on Radio 4 at 18:00 and I managed to blog it at 18:22.

Some of us are on the ball you know.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"9 year fiancees"? "Nine year-old fiancées", surely.

Anyway, do you have any evidence to support the fact that this gummint has the slightest intention of doing anything about this, or that there were indeed such riots?

Old Holborn said...

"Anyway, do you have any evidence that there were indeed such riots?"


Mark Wadsworth said...

Do you best, you know what the Beeb are like at burying "bad news".

Tuscan Tony said...

Well, some sarf London skoogels are on their second sprog at that age, so it looks like the Cheese Sarenies are a model of restraint and decorum. Or perhaps not.

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