Friday, 31 October 2008

Old Holborn is going for a walk

I like to keep fit. Walking is good. This year, I have decided that a brisk stroll is in order.
On November 5th 2008 at midday, I shall walk from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square and then back to Trafalgar Square. 30 minutes of exercise is good for me, so the doctor tells me.

If you would care to join me on my ramble, please feel free to do so. You will be able to recognise me as I shall be dressed like this.


If you too would like to dress the same as me, you can buy your rambling outfit on Ebay. V for Vendetta outfits are going to be this year's thing, I can feel it.

Wednesday November 5th, Midday, Trafalgar Square. Packed lunch optional. Bring a friend.

If there are any legal experts out there who know of any reason why I should not be allowed to take 30 minutes exercise dressed as I please, feel free to let me know. Remember, this is not a protest, this is not a march, this is not a gathering - all of which are now illegal and you can be sure Mr Creedy WILL extract your DNA if you give him the chance. It is a merely a relaxing stroll in Autumn sunshine. No placards, no protest, no chanting. Got that? Good

HSE/ Risk Assessment: London, as you will know is a very dangerous place. Should you choose to ramble there, it might be wise just to bring a little cash for a refreshing pint afterwards and no ID or anything else that a "thief" might be interested in. Like a mobile phone, registered Oyster card or your driving licence. Place them somewhere safe and enjoy the fresh air, completely anonymously. Oh, and should anyone in "authority" ask me to remove my mask, I shall politely remind them that I am a female Muslim.

"There is something terribly wrong with this country isn't there?"
"If you see what I see, if you feel as I feel and if you would seek as I seek then I ask you to stand beside me and together we shall give them a 5th of November that shall never, ever be forgot."

UPDATE: V for Vendetta costumes are becoming scarce. Get yours now.

Also, for those who fear the fingermen, know your rights .

For those who have no idea what this is about, please view this short speech.


silas said...

Old Holborn my dear chap, I would be delighted to take some exercise with you.

My own unremarkable walk around Parliament Square (two weeks ago) was followed by a walk past Downing Street (which I believe may also lie on the route you propose) where several men dressed as women were attempting to gain access.

Be warned, there was some building work between the FCO & Downing Street that may cause some congestion, and you wouldn't want to be delayed outside anywhere "interesting" would you?

CJ said...

Dear Old Holborn,

I shall also be taking a stroll on that day - I find the late autumn air most refreshing.

As you owe me a pint from a few years ago, I shall only be bringing my unregistered Oyster card, as I may need to take the bus home afterwards.



Old Holborn said...

We must be very careful not to disturb the Prime Mentalist on his way back from PMQ's at 12:30 mind.

as for the pint CJ, I would hasten to suggest a rather decent bottle of St Emilion as none of us are driving (you on the bus and a taxi for my goodself. Buses give you nits).

Chilean said...

top post. I have already placed an order on e-bay and may even get the wig as an extra

Anonymous said...

I will forego my usual Lewes trip for this.

Old Holborn said...

We should be done by 3pm - I may even join you on the 16:20 Victoria to Lewes (changing at Brighton) to celebrate.

Snowolf said...

A most entertaining prospect.

I must warn you, walking for 30mins means I am likely to smoke a cigarette, in public, in the open air.

I may even attempt to consume more than my daily allowance of alcoholic units and perhaps indulge in some furtive mumbling, 'down with (whatever it is that has upset me that morning), boo, poor form', that sort of thing.

Old Holborn said...

"If I want to dump 'Taste the difference' Chicken Nibletz into my garden pond, or nail gammon steaks to the shed that's my affair. When will you people shut the fuck up and bugger off?"

Thank you for that Snowolf. It has made my day

Snowolf said...

Ah well OH, as much as I'd love to take credit for that, it's all down to my old mucker Mac The Knife (

He has a wonderful way with words, and most of them obscene. You'd like him.

Bob said...

Bob hopes to be there though I may have to come in civvies.

This is assuming I get past customs and immigration and am not held up to 'help them with their enquiries'.

Ian said...

Old Holborn, I would be honoured to be able to join you on your walk, Will you be joining me at all on mine?

james said...

I wish you well on your perambulations.

Ian_QT said...

Will you be protesting the Church of Scientology at the same time?


Barnsley Bill said...

Excellent idea and frankly I am surprised it has not already become an annual event.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Two questions.

1) Can I bring my guillotine?

2) Can I have a hand to set it up?

Jock Coats said...

Damn, I was looking for something more explosive to do that day! Does Semtex work when it gets wet?

ianvisits said...

It does indeed seem fitting that I should take a slow meander down the Whitehall to our illustrious Palace of Westminster on the anniversary of the Guy Fawkes downfall.

For surely that could a most suitable reason for a brisk walk on a cool autumn lunchtime.

Stephen said...


Bet you get less than 100 fellow strollers.

I shall be watching and giggling


Old Holborn said...

I don't care if it's just me.

"Ideas are bullet proof"

Old Holborn said...

The LAW about wearing masks in public


H/T Patrick Vessey

Snowolf said...

Linky no work, old chap as the end disappears off the end.

Hopefully splitting it over two lines will solve it.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the reminder. I'd love to come, timetable pending.

SaltedSlug said...

Reckon I'm in too

Anonymous said...

It's getting closer. I'm so very excited, but back to the walking about thing. Sorry my dear boy alas and alack, as I said before, I shall be with you in spirit only. What a fine example to our obese population. Though it must be hard to breath through those masks...

Oswald Bastable said...

We have an election on the 8th November.

What better costume to wear on the day!

Dungeekin said...

You know what?

It's a long time since I visited The Smoke, and an autumn stroll would be very pleasant indeed....

Leave is booked, searching for my costume now, and see you there!

"We shall give them a 5th of November that shall never, ever be forgot."

All the best


Panopticon Britain said...

I'd love to come, but I'll probably be too busy studying on the day.
Unless, of course, that day's lecture is a fucking EU law lecture, in which case fuck it, I'll come.

Anonymous said...

Trying to figure out if I can afford to go to London twice in November. Might just say sod it and do so anyway.

three well mannered nutters said...

We'll be there my old mate, but we need some where to tog up, any ideas?

Old Holborn said...

Charing Cross station is a great place to "tog up". Or any pub in Covent Garden. Lamb and Flag certainly has the right atmosphere.

Old Holborn said...

Charing Cross station is a great place to "tog up". Or any pub in Covent Garden. Lamb and Flag certainly has the right atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

Excellent - I will be pleased to take the day off work and join you on your relaxing stroll in the autumn sunshine.

Billy Wallace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Billy Wallace said...

What a lovely idea, a relaxing stroll in the autumn sunshine.

will bring some friends.

The Blue Ninja said...

Old Holborn, I'm new on the scene but have booked a day off to join you on this peaceful stroll, sounds like just the ticket.

Am linking to your post too, if that's OK?

Injin said...

"Lauren Canario is behind bars again. Why is this quiet woman considered such a danger to society that she needs to be locked up? She was standing in an IRS office, wearing a mask from the movie “V for Vendetta”, and refused to leave when asked."

Anonymous said...

Assallamu alaikum brothers. I do need to get some exercise and inshallah I will be in London that day. I'm a Muslim woman...can't decide what privacy outfit to choose; Afghani style, Gulf style or should I just go for dignified dress, the simple hijab and Jackie O sunglasses? I do have a right to personal privacy don't I or is that freedom inherent only to Muslim peeps?

Old Holborn said...


Wear a Burqa and i'll hold your hand all the way

(my partner will be wearing ahead to toe burqa. "take off your mask". Me? Or her? I fucking dare you, ask her)

Tomrat said...

Switching jobs in the next few weeks and have negotiated it off. Bought my ticket today and now just need to raise the capital to buy a costume.

Getting up for a train at 10-to-bloody-six; I am dedicated to my exercise I can tell you.

Best work out some before I come as well; wouldn't want to develop a stitch on the route.


Any idea where I can leave my regular clothes? Only up for the day and might seem a little awkward getting on the megabus in the morning in full garb.

Old Holborn said...

It would be a pleasure to walk in the sunshine with you Tom.

I'm wearing a rather smart black mandarin collar suit (Armani), a black turtle neck sweater and long boots under my trousers. After a fortifying pint, I will simply tuck my trousers into my boots, place my balaclava on my head, along with wig, mask, hat and gauntlets, drape my cloak and fasten my belt, clutch my roses and stand up at the bar, tip my hat and leave.

Feel free to join (us) me. For further details:

Bex said...

I wish with all my little Goblins that I could come down on the 5th man, I really do, but I'll be their in spirt. I already own a V mask ffs! I wonner go, but life will not allow such a thing this year, just wonner say good luck and like V said,

Old Holborn said...

I thank you Bex.

And it really, really is time someone left a comment or two on your blog.

As a father of five daughters, I understand just what a fucked up world you live in.

The ROV Monkey said...

I cannot make it on the day, unfortunately. However I will be wearing the outfit as I dance around the bomfire.....and come the happy general election day I'll be wearing it as I dance in the street.

Anonymous said...

goog luck on the day all who attend.


riddler said...

OH, I would have thought Brussels would be a more appropriate place for your little stroll. Very agreeable at this time of year, I hear.

Oswald Bastable said...

The only good time to visit Brussels is when you are leading a column of Panzers!

Barnsley Bill said...

Bastable, you are quite correct. But only take the kids if you are going in summer. All the belgian paedos are in portugal for their summers.
Oh and oswald did you see bauble boy sweating on the telly tonight... Classic.

the hitman said...

Will not be able to join you O.H. unfortunately have a job on that day,
mind you, I will be close by.

Dick Cheese said...

Would it be in order if I brought along my Glock?
Might come in handy if Mandy's Praetorian Pansies cut up rough.

Anonymous said...

Stef said...

Do any of you folk here, working in digs into Muslims, honestly believe that the majority of Muslims like what has been done to this country any more than you do?

I would love to take a stroll with you one day, but only after you've ditched falling for the divide and rule nonsense

Old Holborn said...


There is no more right, left or centre.

It is only authoitarian or libertarian

Are you happy for "them" to tell you what to do or are you happy to work it out for yourself?

Condition: You have ONE life.

I'll leave you to mull which side of the fence Islam is.

Stef said...

I am with you 100%, right up to the Muslim thing

And if I ever see Muslim Fundamentalists coming anywhere near to running the banks, the government, the media or the security forces I'll fall in line with that

In the meantime, I'll see it for the distraction that I believe it to be

Giolla Decair said...

Of course it'll be interesting to see if they decide that we're glorifying terrorism and thus being naughty under the 2006 act.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Tried to post the link to this to someone on Facebook live chat tonight & got a message: "Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users."

That is seriously disturbing!

RW said...

Been there, done that.

Bunch of johnny come lately fuckwits

Anonymous said...

From Colorado, USA. On November 4 we may lose our own Constitution to a combination of vote fraud, street thuggery, and computer fraud; with the aid of our media. I shall spread the word amongst other friends of Liberty here in the US, and our hearts will be with you. We fight the same fight.

Subotai Bahadur

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds delightful. I shall be sure to join you, with the mask and all. It will be quite pleasant, and I do hope people will respect us gaurding our faces from the general public, for being decent muslim women, it would be outrageous to expose ourselves. Don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Can it not be at a weekend? I have work ;_;

Anonymous said...

I'd love to join you, OH, for an invigorating and healthy stroll on 5th November. Would a chap up-from the country for the day look out of place if not wearing face-mask etc?

Anonymous said...

This is Labour Rapid Rebuttal Unit.

Do not come into London on the Fifth. Any agitator or instigator will be dealt with without clemency.

You have been warned.

now fuck off back to Guido's Fagchat.

Anonymous said...

ZOMFG! You're going to WALK! To PARLIAMENT! Wearing MASKS! Shit is SOO cash!

I bet that brings down the entire state overnight.

In the meantime, could you please get your whiny shit off my /b/

Anonymous said...

as a canadian /b/tard, i approve of you action. Godspeed, oldholborn, and may your exersize be most worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Please /b/tards, leave this man to his wander. Walking is perfectly legal, and if this chap wishes to walk, then walk he shall.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you ever been on /b/ (try 4chan or 7chans /b/ for instance) the spiritual home of anonymous? Anons are morally bankrupt hate filled people who enjoy anything that is extreme, cruel or immoral. Tl;dr anonymous will NEVER be mainstream apart from silly memes that dominate internet culture because basically anon is not acceptable in the real world. Paedophillia, rape, murder, gore, racism you name it anon enjoys it so stop paying them lip service with your protestfag V for vendetta crap as I don't think you understand the nature of the beast your supporting here.

Old Holborn said...

Everyone is welcome to come and scare the shit out of the putrid crazy 646 who dominate every waking hour.

Anonymous said...

Canadian/b/tard here again; Not That morally bankrupt, but i digress.
This world needs an uprising. Comrade Tolstoy was right when he said that the world needed eternal revolution. And I, for one, intend to be standing at the front lines when the revolution begins.

I applaud you, oldholborn, and i intend to be walking to the canadian parlement buildings in ottawa on Nov. 5th from in front of Morriset on the ottawa university campus. If anyone is interested, i shall be delighted to share their company, in the name of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Throw all the n*ggers out including the sand and jungle variety
Make the government do-good nazi's back the fuck off our lives

''Free white men want laws that protect them from the ill intentions of others not from themselves''

Anonymous said...

N.I fag here, man, wish I'd heard sooner so I could partake in a brief amble with you... Alas, I am not well enough funded at this current time to join with you, but best wishes and enjoy your stroll, it's a stoll that really should have happened a long time ago...

Old Holborn said...

Just out of interest, I have received an unusually massive amount of visitors today, from all over the planet.

Where did you all see this post? Facebook?

Grateful for feedback

Anonymous said...

It has been flying round the internet. Namely /b/.

I'm from the north, so i cant join. I hate my country (UK) right now. I'll fight to save it, but if all else fails, i'll leave it for the muslims to pillage.

Anonymous said...

I would love to take an Autumn stroll with you, you can almost count me 100% in.

Anonymous said...

I would love to join you, and will do all I can to.

Should be a magnificent Autumn stroll.

Old Holborn said...

Please feel free to invite anyone you wish using the facebook link

Anonymous said...

Get this shit outta my /b/ english faggot.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to join but I don't live in London.

Gareth said...

Ha ha ha, Look at all of you, using synonyms of perfectly normal words just to look intelligent.

It's quite funny really to watch you living in the cult of Holborn, blissfully unaware of your own dillusions.

In the end, you're no better than those you pretain to fight or disagree with.

Anonymous said...

hurr durr i've just seen v for vendetta, i've heard they're going to make a comic book about it. i kno all about politics and anarchism now hurr durr.

QQ more you fucking losers. lrn2protest

Anonymous said...

Remember, remember the Fifth of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot
I see no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot

Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes 'twas his intent
To blow up the King and the Parliament
Three score barrels of powder below
Poor old England to overthrow

By God's providence he was catch'd
With a dark lantern and burning match
Holler boys, holler boys, ring bells ring
Holler boys, holler boys, God Save the King!

A penny loaf to feed the Pope
A farthing o'cheese to choke him
A pint of beer to rinse it down
A faggot of sticks to burn him

Burn him in a tub of tar
Burn him like a blazing star
Burn his body from his head
Then we'll say old Pope is dead

Hip Hip Hoorah!
Hip Hip Hoorah!
Hip Hip Hoorah!

mattisonenloe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Draco Straybyrn said...

Unfortunately, Oregon is rather far from London.

I'll be wearing black on the Fifth if a certain Rebublican is elected, though.

Anonymous said...

Sydney is also a fair way away from London though I will be wearing my mask all day for you.

Anonymous said...

Were there not an ocean parting us, you could be sure that I would join you on your walk Old Holborn. There is indeed something very wrong, not just with your country, but with mine as well. Give them a fifth of November they will never forget. Remember, one man's terrorist is another man's savior. There is a reason we have a war on terror, and soon those of us who think independently will be labeled Terrorists.


So tell me, Old Holborn, what exactly is the point of this walk of yours? Because it seems very very few of your fellow Britons are actually planning on getting on on this. Nor does it seem very organized; out of the five people currently logged into your IRC channel, three are Americans (including myself)! In fact, I do believe I've seen more non-Britons logged into your channel than actual residents of the island in the past week!

Laughable. Perhaps if you actually TRIED to organize this and get the word out more, it would turn into a success and actually MEAN something? Or are you just the liberal sort who prefers to send a message without really doing anything?

Tell me you have some great intention, and not just an idea to make your message heard. Please tell me that... without it being a lie, of course.

Snowolf said...

Well as far as I am concerned the intention is precisely to get the message heard. What would you have us do? Storm the palace? Blow open the gates to number 10? All that would acheive is get us dismissed as the sort of looney the public needs to be protected from, and would help those who want to strip away our civil liberties add credence to their actions.

Why do our American cousins use the label Liberal as a perjorative? I would have thought that a word that has its roots in Liberty would be embraced by the 'Land of the Free.'

Read the Patriot Act yet? You are squarely in their sights.

Nick H said...

It hurts me to know i could easily be joining you, but lack funding! I hope you have that little extra 'vigor' to make up for me not coming.

Anonymous said...

I love you OH. I can't be walking with you this year but will definitely be inhaling the wonderfully moist autumnal air of London in November 2009. Action is eloquence.

Anonymous said...

Go for it, wish I could be there!

jaymason said...

Unfortunately my current employprevents me from attending however were I to be there I feel a rorsach mask may be favourite.

Who watches the watchmen

Custard said...

See you on the 5th OH, now that the right outfit has turned up. I wore it tonight to a fancy dress thingy in a Young's pub near your old stompimg ground, I was told to take it off or leave as "people" found it a bit scary...fuckin poofs.

Anonymous said...

Will be there.

Just an idea but for those with video phones, is it possible to make live calls, record them at the other end so we can film all the abuse but not let the bastards get the 'film' off us?

Won't be in costume but will turn up at the pub and join in the fun.

Snowolf said...

I understand that ACPO policy is that video or stills footage cannot be impounded, seized or confiscated without a court order.

I have been known to be wrong in the past.

I have been unable to get a costume, so will also be in civvies, however I do have a mobile phone that will operate its non-network capabilities without a SIM card. This shall be removed and all data wiped from the handset and be used as a video camera, should the need arise.

Old Holborn said...

I won't be taking a phone at all, nor any other scrap of ID.

Film, data and footage can be siezed at will under the terrorist act.

Further details of my walk can be found here

Mitch said...

I will be there in spirit(no holiday left) but if you do it next year I will be and I will buy you a pint!

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough it seems that the British Beekeepers Association are lobbying parliament on that day too

Snowolf said...

Fair play to the Beekeepers! Now, just how much of your face would be obscured by a beekeeper's hat?

The Secret Person said...

A policeman can require you to remove a mask. But not facepaint. Just a thought...

Old Holborn said...

Only if he suspects you of a crime. If he wants to confiscate your mask, he'll need a Section AA, which needs to be signed by a senior officer.

And of course, speaking as a muslim female, he'll have a whole barrel of fun trying to me make take off my mask.

In'Sh'Allah. Innit.

The Secret Person said...

True, he does have to suspect you of a crime. Very suspicious people though, the police. I just imagined the pleasure of revealing V face paint under a V mask.

BarnsleyBorn said...

Sadly, Holborn's too far from Tallahassee; but wish I could be there. I'll wear my frying flag[eu] T-shirt on the day. And yes, I'll find a mask, though can't wear it in public. Also doubt if either white-face or black-face will go down well on the 5th!

Will look for you in the papers, or on TV; but the media here don't even know there's a problem.

Anonymous said...

Not your tradition, but these people have some good ideas:

curly15 said...

I would dearly love to walk with you, but the bus journey from South Tyneside to London is too arduous for a man of my age. I shall walk around my local Socialist owned Town Hall and think of you.

Please post pictures when convenient.spacksif

Stuart said...

On the right vs left debate, try They're all authoritarian, the bastard lot of them. Unsurprisingly, I'm liberal.

I'll be at the Chandos at 11am, and I've never done anything like this before. I'm the average couple in the film, and it will be great to meet you all. But how will I know that you're not a Fingerman?

crackers said...

I am leaving for HK/China tonite so cannot join. Will raise a glass in The Dickens Bar to you and other strollers.

Mrs Crackers instructed to watch the news for sightings.

Churchill said...

Enjoy your stroll! A marvellous time for some exercise.

talwin said...

Well done re your stroll today. Not with you in body (Northern wimp) but for sure with you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Im almost tempted to pop over on 05/11....Just to see you wandering around, all by yourself, looking like the self-centred twat you appear to be.

Justin said...

Wow< I adore this film. Found it at rapidshare SE . Now it is one of my favourites. In fact it proved as well as many examples from the history that people can do a lot!

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Devil's Kitchen said...

I get to take a walk so rarely these days. I think that I might bestir myself to have a little stroll in the brisk autumn sunshine...


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Alexis Bob said...

It's getting closer. I'm so very excited, but back to the walking about thing. Sorry my dear boy alas and alack as I said before, I shall be with you in spirit only. What a fine example to our obese population. Though it must be hard to breath through those masks.

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