Monday, 7 July 2008

Melt Down

I may just go into Meltdown this morning. I had a cracking weekend, no kids for once in a blue moon, the missus bought a very nice basque and I am now officially "empty"
Woke up this morning and I feel somewhat peeved
Apparently, we must not waste food whilst the Olympics plod onwards
CCTV is costing us £800 a year each whilst it is too dangerous to walk outside
Pravda are in "eat less" overload
Knife wielding loons had a busy weekend
Bacl later after I haved stopped hyperventilating
I appear to hyper sensitive to the utter idiocy of it all, so will gather my thoughts and then I will be needed a skilled surgeon to tend to my vented spleen


Tomrat said...

I feel a Marie Antoinette moment coming (or would at least like to) for the OEGK; this asshole should be leading by example by (drastically) cutting parliamentary allowances for food, the subsidised parliament bar and fuel/travel expenses to the bare minimum - the clown shoe.

Lapa said...

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