Monday, 14 July 2008

Er....don't want to offend anyone but....

Further to my post that millions of Welsh, English and Scottish village dwelling teenagers are to be put under house arrest by High Chancellor Brown for well, being teenagers, I propose that we find one single person, one individual who might, just might, go out on a limb and risk 42 days for saying that the problem actually might lie.......

I know it will mean instant "re-education", incarceration, poverty, eviction and vilification but there must be one amongst us who could point out the bleedingly, blinding obvious to the Politburo?

I read this elsewhere:

"get out now, whilst you can, let the chavs, kurds, blacks and Albanians fight over the pox ridden worthless remnants of the UK" . It would appear they have already started


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes, I've been meaning to post something like this for a while.

BTW are those mugshots the vic's or the perp's (as they say on CSI)? Although to be fair, I guess there's pretty much an overlap between the two.

Old Holborn said...

Sorry guys, but your propensity for "dealing" with the opposition in whatever dog eat dog world you choose to exist in is about to cost my children their liberty (because our leaders are shit scared of asking you to behave yourselves).

And I'm not happy about that. Take your turf wars elsewhere.

45govt said...

OH - you got the title wrong, because that is just the trouble. I am perfectly happy to offend anyone and everyone who deserves it.

That bastard MSM, first they shut up about operation Ore, then they won't tell you the ethnicity of the murderous scum in case you might recognise them. Remember the jewellery shop owner who got clear video of a serial North African jewellery thief? Fucking plod said she couldn't send her picture to other stores because of the criminal's yooman rights. There's a fucking misnomer for a start.

are they trying to break us said...

no prison for carrying a knife but longer senteces for drivers

this is doing my head in

it's suffocating

it's like having your nose repeatedly rubbed in shit

Bob said...

That looks like Scotland Yard's wanted list, see here and it confirms pretty much what you say:

PS Am going off line as have become unepectedly busy. Thanks for the link.

TBRRob said...

Where the hell do you go though? The choice is between a dieing western world and an authoritarian world?

Are the any decent countries left?

RM said...

OH - followed your link from Guido to here. Is Guido's blog going PC? There seems to be quite a bit of comment removal or abuse if one dares to mention that the majority of perps in knife crime are not indigenous Britons and/or that uncontrolled mass immigration has caused an upsurge in crime generally. Hope you manage to offend lots of people! It's surprising how the truth so often does that - particularly in PC ZaNuLab Britain.
Jacky Spliff needs to go for a Brain Implant then authorise the building of prisons managed along the lines of Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Sheriffs Office prison, bring in stop & search with a mandatory sentence of 2 years for anyone carrying a knife, apart from one as part of a complete tool kit. Knife crime would plummet!

Old Holborn said...

Guido's blog is his private property. He is free to censor or delete whatever he considers to be grafitti whenever he chooses. Ultimately, if people do not agree with it, they will not visit.

There are few boundaries here but if I see unwanted grafitti (from DES) for example, it will also vanish into the ether.

Back on subject, if 24 black kids have died in london after being stabbed by 24 black kids, then come down like a ton of bricks on knife carrying black kids in London. Leave the rest of us alone. So fucking simple, yet to actually do that would be to put 30years of social experimention up for examination as a failure. And we can't have that can we?

Bob said...

When you think of the really dodgy, violent areas of London, which ones spring to mind? Harlesden, Dalston, Peckham, Lewisham, Tottenham, Plumstead, Streatham, Leyton etc? What's the connection? I wonder…

The police know it, the government know it. We all fucking know it, but nothing gets done. Except for Operation Tip-toe, of course, who will co-ordinate with a local 'community leader' (some bloke out of his fucking mind in a woolly hat who looks like Denzel from Only Fools and Horses).

They'll talk about how institutionally racist the fuzz are for having the temerity to keep arresting his mate just for ramming eight and a half inches of cold Sheffield into a rival gang member's guts.

The best way of dealing with all this, as any self-loathing progressive liberal knows is to pretend it's not happening.

Or , I suppose the cops could target the areas above and come down like a ton of bricks on the black gangs… Nah, wouldn't work.

Old Holborn said...

More money must be spent on the Stephen Lawrence Art Gallery. More resources must be made available for the Brixton Womens Black Panthers Cooperative. More degree courses in MC-DJ'ing must be made available at Stockwell University for the Arfican Arts, more free airwaves for Radio "Pants an 'ting" to broadcast their patoir outside of the cultural chains of BBC 7, and most of all, the one sure thing we can do to make sure that all dissaffected knife weilding Yoot immediately goes back to school and actually gets an education instead of sucking their teeth all day is MORE BLACK WOMEN COMMUNITY AND DIVERSITY OFFICERS (£76K+ London Weighting)on Boris's Council.

I feel better for that.

Old Holborn said...

Oh, and Lenny Henry must be given maximum airtime on Radio Four making shite programmes to remind us drones that not all black people are horrid shankers busted on crystal meth


Bob said...

Lenny Henry. How I hate that man. The best thing he ever did was an impression of Frank Spencer on Opportunity Knocks when he was about thirteen - and that was shit.

On the subject of Brixton, I worked there once - one day. Apparently it's vibrant and exciting. Really? Just my luck, then, to visit it on the one day when it is a loud, violent, shit-hole full of trigger-happy drugdealers, robbers and skanked-up layabouts shouting patois at passers-by in the 'Peace Park'. Damn.

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