Wednesday, 16 July 2008

BBC Bastards

I can see it now. A fleet of Espaces and Volvo's hurtling down the M4 to Heathrow to drop off Tarquin and Chlamidya, fresh from "Uni" clutching their media studies degrees. Squeals of delight from Mummy and Daddy and the rest of the Islington Cliteratti as they board the plane for their first "foreign assignment" in the big welcoming world of the BBC, all funded of course, by me.

Number of Team Great Britain Competitors going to China for the Olympics = 305

Number of BBC staff going to China for the Olympics = 437


Source: Private Eye

I hope your fucking planes crash, you cunts.


killemallletgodsortemout said...

Couldn't agree more. Cunts, all.

ranter said...

Not to mention the number of british police officers, mostly chiefs, also going and anybody in the public sector (emergency planners, GLA, MPA, Ambulance and fire service etc etc) who can justify it to the Nth degree using 'security' and 'terrorism'. Taxpayers money being used inappropriately and pointlessly.

max the impaler said...

Don't renew your license. You only need it for 'live broadcasts'. Use a large screen and comp. instead. We should all do it and starve the bastards of funds. 17% payrise ! Jonathon 'fucking' Ross. Fuck em .

Old Holborn said...

I am not going to renew my licence.

I believe you can get around it by only using a Sky Plus box plus iPlayer etc on a laptop. Just the though of one single penny of mine reaching Babs Windsor or Nick Robinson is enough to make me through the idiot lantern out of the window.

Any tips would be gratefully received. Especially whether I am allowed to tar and feather TV licence inspectors who venture onto my property.

Katabasis said...

You might find this useful for tips and information:

Stop Paying your TV licence fee

Barnsley Bill said...

You make me want to be a better blogger.
The license problem.. isn't it covering radios and car radio's as well. These socialists numpty's have covered all escapes from that fucking fee.
On the other hand I can live down here and watch it for free.. Riddle me that!

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