Monday, 21 July 2008

Arbeit Macht Frei

Our glorious leaders have decided that anyone on benefits should be forced to work (except of course, they haven't and they won't) but I did think the argument could be fun. I doubt that many of us would argue that there are millions of work shy wankstains out there, either on incapacity benefit or the dole who simply prefer a life of mild discomfort rather than 40 hours of actual work (clue: ALL of Wales, most of the North of England) but the concept of actually rounding them up, issueing them with spades and telling them to dig new roads is an interesting one.

We also know that over 7 million drones work directly for the State and 21 million drones receive some sort of benefit in cash from the State. Perfect for any government heading into a recession in fact. Do as you are told or the money stops. House gone, job gone and loan sharks circling.

So am I in favour of the workshy being forced to work?

No. I am not. Pay people who want to work and for those who would rather not, simply withdraw all benefits. I see no logical reason why I should pay taxes in order to fnance the welfare hammock that Lee and Mohammeds wives are currently "relaxing in". I don't want the State rounding up the workshy. I want the workshy to simply starve to death by not handing them billions upon billions just to keep them voting ZNL. Whether they receive their dole or a wageslip from Gordon, it is still bonded labour.

Prisoners can cut grass, sweep the streets and test dangerous drugs. Dressed in pink ballgowns. Instead of learning advanced drug dealing and PS3 skills in luxury hotels.


Get to work or stop holding out your hands for more scratchcard/Stella vouchers. Also anyone with ME (how apt is that diagnosis?) should be culled.
EDIT: It looks as if the Pravda/Beeb has fucked up by actually mentioning
This shake-up will apply to all 4.5 million people on out-of-work benefits,
he he he (Here)


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Hear, hear. Let the indolent fuckers starve.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

The trouble with you, old holborn, is that you are far too soft on these lazy bastards.

Bus them into Parliament Square and guillotine them.

That's the way forward.

ranter said...

In my Wealden Village the Post Office on one particular morning a week (Either Tuesday or Thursday) there is a large queue of smelly white people first thing. They queue before the windows open.

If male they are skinny and ratlike, normally tattooed badly and with earrings in both ears; if female, they are either fat wearing leggings, large hoops and have tatooed ankles or are skinny rats in stained velour tracky bottoms.

Their dirty snotty kids wail constantly, managing to keep their dummys in, strapped into their push chairs or are allowed to wander around being mini pains.

They shuffle up to the window, stick their post office account cards in the slot and then grunt 'all of it'.

The rest of the week it is the females and their child benefits, they all live in the inexplicably placed council estate on the edge of the village.

The younger ones hang about outside the Asian owned grocery shop and the turkish owned chippy/kebab shop where the ghastly chav mating and courtship rituals take place on hot summer evenings to ensure the continuation of this weak, patasitic and dangerous strain of Briton.

First port of call is the grocery shop, a tenners worth of scratch cards and some special brew and 40 fags. Then they scuttle off back to the estate waiting for everything to come to them - including their 'puff'.

The effort it would take to get these DNA wasters and complete no hopers to do any kind of community work would make it pointless.

There is plenty of seasonal work here, but these jobs are performed by poles, czechs and latvians.

I'm with you guys!

Old Holborn said...

Imagine the carnage in Merthyr Tydfil as 20,000 Mobility Scooters arrive on mass at Cash Converters.

Brutal, boyo.

Antipholus Papps said...

We pay national insurance. That insurance covers our basic living needs should we be unfortunate enough to lose our job or be unable to find work. Therefore, we can find gainful employment without having to worry about suriving the week. For the government to withhold that, or place new conditions upon it, is breach of contract and fraud.

And frankly, under-writing sink estates is but a drop in the ocean compared to the amount we spend committing supreme international crimes, bailing out failed banks, and enslaving the nation in totalitarian surveillance. Your hatred seems misplaced.

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaang on
4.5 million? I thought it was 2 million.

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