Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Social Mobility - New ZNL "initiative"

High Supreme Chancellor McSnot has issued new orders for poor people to be given more of our money and has indeed declared it to be "the great test of our time". You see, no matter how much of our cash he has thrown at poor people, they stay poor. They aren't snapping up all the opportunities for "betterment" that the Party has lain at their feet for the last ten years. In fact, the opposite is happening. The poor are getting poorer, no matter how much boiling water Herr Brown pours into the broken ice bucket to fix it.

Kids are to be rewarded in hard cash for eating properly. £200 each in some of England's most deprived areas. Yup, ZNL is actually going to use my money to give to the parents of poor kids to eat apples and not stuff their fat faces with KFC and blue fizzy drinks. Anybody care to guess where that £200 will go? Straight down the newsagents for a fist full of scratchcards, methinks.

Because that is the truth, isn't it? Britain (and every other society, ever) is a meritocracy. You get out what you put in. Granted, there are anomalies like priviledge that buck the trend but in general, the harder and smarter you work, the richer you will be.

ZNL cannot understand this basic principle. People are poor in the UK because they are lazy, uneducated, welfare supported mongs. Not because they are underpaid by unscrupulous bosses or exploited by gangmasters.

When I was young, my father warned me that if I didn't work hard at school, get O & A levels, or had a criminal record, a life of poverty awaited me. He used to drive me around council estates to show how the filth lived. Abandoned cars, dreary, pointless lives wasted on tat. No purpose other than eating, watching ITV and shitting out retarded kids every year. It worked. He showed me that we are not all equal. He showed me that most people are stupid. He showed me that most people are lazy and he showed me that most people just didn't take life seriously. Their OWN lives. They were just floating along, getting by and eventually were carted off in boxes with NANNA written in plastic flowers on the side.

Gordon Brown has bitten off a very very big lump of unchewable shite if he thinks he can change human nature. He has created not a welfare net but a hammock. People choose not to work or take responsibility because the State, with it's slithering tentacles has assumed full responsibility for their lives. Skint? Go on the social. Bored? Here, bread and circuses.

What he categorically fails to understand is that you can take the person out of the slums but you cannot take the slum out of the person. If you build the poor 6 bed executive houses, ply them with free plasma TV's and pick up their booze and fag bills, they will STILL sit on the Sofa all day whilst a dilapidated Transit van sits outside in the garden jacked up on bricks.

Teach people to work. Make it so unattractive to be idle that only the hardcore lazy will bother (anyone remember Andy Capp cartoons? We are now a nation of Andy Capps) to be lazy. Working will be easier than a life of ducking and diving on the dole. As it should be if I am expected to finance your idleness. Bring back the work ethic, bring back "poor but honest", abolish the Lottery (the only chance any of them have of aspiring to a lifestyle of their heroe's, Posh and Becks) and bring back a fear of poverty, a fear of social failure and a reason to have ambition. Stop dumbing down and start smartening up. Make success something everyone wants, failure a damning inditement of your lack of effort.

Either that or gas the fuckers.

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