Saturday, 21 June 2008

My name is Mohammed - I LOVE the EU

Hello, peace be upon you
I have a plan to turn the EU into a Muslim Caliphate. That is what Mohammed requires. A global Ummah. We would be doing his work.
There are 20 million of us in the EU. We have EU passports, meaning we can live and work wherever we please (thank you Brussels).
So, the population of Luxembourg is half a million infidels. I suggest that we move a mere one million of us to Luxembourg. They are duty bound to house us, give us benefits and protect us and our rights. At the next election, we will have a proper Muslim party and you will vote for your brother.
One day later, we will control Luxembourg. Completely. Mosque building and the teaching of Islam in schools can commence.
Now I need my brothers to do the same in Holland. Once Holland has fallen (under this strange democracy thing), Luxembourg will leave the EU, become an Islamic State and fuck the kuffir.
Holland will issue EU passports to any Muslim, worldwide, who wants one )and it is your duty). Belgium will fall next, then Austria, then Denmark and Sweden. One by one, we will take these countries out of the EU (ah, the will of the people) and become Islamic States. The worship of any other religion will be forbidden, as is our right as Muslims. Sharia Law will be introduced immediately. There are 1.2 BILLION of us and all Muslims worldwide shall possess an EU passport and full voting rights.
Remember, vote ISLAM. The EU has made this possible. Piss be Upon Them.


Lucille said...

Scary isn't it.

Old Holborn - bitter and twisted said...

Not really darling. Europe will either do what it always does and have a nice little war with either itself or Russia or the Islamniacs will destroy whatever fabric remains.

God, I WISH I was Swiss

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