Saturday, 14 June 2008


Various blogs out there are requesting that all of send Snotty McBean a white feather in honour of his cowardice in:
  • Giving us a referendum on the EU treaty (100% of people asked so far have said Fuck OFF"

  • Not putting up a candidate against David Davis

  • Not telling America to stick a pineapple up it's arse when it demands British people have DNA/Biometric passports

I intend to send him a whole white live chicken.

Gordon Brown

10, Downing St




Lilith said...

I wanted to send Tony Bliar some soap. But this sounds just as fun.

We haven't been here before. This is a new place politically.

Mrs Pouncer said...

Dear Mr Holborn, Do have a care. The choice of the correct type of white chicken is not the work of a moment. Take some advice from an old countrywoman and find a reputable breeder of Belgian d'Uccles, Dorking Whites or, at a pinch, White Leghorns. Avoid at all cost Plymouth Rocks and Welshsummers. Cordially Mrs Pouncer

Thud said...

free range I hope? I see over at dk you are marked down as nazi...that must be a pleasant surprise for you..don't see it myself.

Old Holborn - bitter and twisted said...

People take things so personally, don't they. I don't just hate Nigerians, Albanians, hairy arsed Turks and Arabs. I hate Eskimos, the Welsh and everybody else on the planet as well

Lucille said...

Wow..but you haven't met all of us Holborn.

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