Friday, 20 June 2008

Expense Allowance Abuse by MEPs

You may just think it is the UK where the citizens are exasperated by the lengths that our "representatives" will go to in Brussels to stuff their fat fucking faces in the expenses trough.

Not so. I present to my diserning readership a little show made by RTL of Krautland who used the EU Press secretarys promise that they could film anything anywhere to film everything everywhere.

You will witness that classic Friday stunt, arrive early at Parliament, sign the attendance register and then get your 2nd class train home immediately claiming your allownace of a first class flight and full days pay.

Wonderful stuff.



greeneight said...

Bloody wonderfully, gloriously predictably damming. I hope it hasn't spoiled the "colleagues" weekend.

Vindico said...

Amusing to see the MEPs appear from the lift, only to turn on their heels and flee.
Guilt? Would I be so cynical?!

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