Friday, 2 May 2008

Bodger and Badger

I'm trying to remove myself slowly but surely from the interference of Politics in my life.
I work for myself, hoard my cash abroad and don't borrow money

This limits this governments reach over me to:

  • Listening to my phone calls
  • Reading my Emails
  • Trying constantly to capture my DNA
  • Brainwashing my children
  • Monitoring my movements
  • Spending my taxes on anything they like
  • Trying to convert me to Islam via the BBC
  • Trying to make me a black, unemployed male
  • Making sure I perform a full Health and Safety audit before I mow the lawn
  • Making sure my Doctor is an overpaid cunt
  • Trying to kill me in an MRSA infested "hospital"
  • Limit my movements by filling the roads with uninsured, untaxed cars and then trying to charge me for using them, making flying impossible, making train travel worse than a trip to Auschwitz
  • Trying to make me gay
  • Not allowing me to protest peacefully outside Parliament
  • Trying to put me in Belmarsh for 90 days without trial
  • Trying to make me like Billy Bragg (I don't. I would quite happily slit his throat)
  • Trying to make sure I am not safe in my own home and cannot defend myself from feral thugs who will kick me to death if I dare to "diss" them by asking them not to steal my telly and shit on the carpet.
  • Filling the streets with people who won't take their medication because God told them not to.
  • Trying to teach me Urdu and Punjabi
  • Noting who I vote for and running all sorts of tests on my data
  • Losing my data to Nigerian scammers
  • Inspecting my shopping basket via the Tescos database to see if I am an alcoholic or am eating healthily
  • Watching how much I recycle and fining me if it is not enough to match THEIR promises
  • Prostrating the British people to the EU
  • Allowing the Celts parasites to bleed us dry
  • Lending all our money to Banks who won't pay it back. Ever.



Funny Circus Bears said...

Top post old man.

To be as financially bulletproof as possible you are on the right track. Once you are debt free and collecting interest, dividends and passive income in an amount sufficient to sustain a comfortable lifestyle, the world can kiss your ass.

Funny Circus Bears said...

GOM is dying a slow, decaying death.

Old Holborn - bitter and twisted said...

I will admit that GOM is sick, flailing around like a wounded animal, frothing at the mouth and about as humourous as rabies as yet another clique congratulate themselves in endless one liners about "debate" (sic), whilst the Guardian reading Mods look on.

Never mind. I usually get an Email requesting my presence once more when the clique run out back patting stamina. Another three or four weeks tops.

Barnsley Bill said...

That list is very similar to NZ.

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