Saturday, 29 March 2008

Fitna - The Movie

For those who would like a visual representation of Islam and the ideology behind it, my grateful thanks go to some Dutch bloke with a weird hairstyle and enormous bollocks

Monday, 10 March 2008

A nice cold snap

There is no child poverty in the UK. There are children who may not get everything they want but every child in this country gets at least as much as it needs. When was the last time a child starved to death in the UK? When was the last time ANYBODY starved to death in the UK? If you want to see poverty, look amongst the elderly.

Don’t pity the fuckers though, they had as much chance as anybody else to put a nest egg away or buy a house but thought that nice Mr Wilson would look after them so they could piss their wages up the wall whilst smoking 40 Woodbines day and wife swapping. Even then, they still manage to offend society by wandering around wearing a self knitted hat, scrabby hands picking over the pennies when buying tiddles another can of Whiskas to shove down its flea infested throat or pay for lottery cards.

We need a really, really cold winter, a few power cuts and snow blocking the roads for a month. It would weed out the weak, stupid, lazy and slow. It would be entirely selective, targeting fat people who have food delivered every night of the week, old people who would rather freeze than put one bar on the electric fire (tutting loudly), tramps, alcoholics, drug dealers, Somali women in tents, dumb slags who insist on hitting the town on a Friday night dressed in nothing but a bi-Efrain thong, people without the common sense to keep a couple of weeks worth of tins and pasta in the cupboard (instead of popping into Marks for their lovely Lemon Chicken Cous Cous), cash in hand tradespeople who never pay tax and the unemployed. Best of all, there would be no one to blame. Those who have the nous to help themselves and take responsibility for their own predicament would thrive whilst legions of spongers and dependent parasites would die loud, complaining deaths. Bring it on

Who would not survive a month of cold weather?

  • Tramps and big issue sellers

  • Chavs in nylon track suits hanging about drinking cider and Lambrini

  • Spiteful old people who hate their children and would freeze to death rather than talk to Harold since Sissi's wedding. Terrible it was (tut)

  • People who eat ready meals seven days a week

  • Moped drivers

  • Lock in fat people

  • Incapacity benefit claimants (most of Wales)

  • Skateboarders

  • The unemployed

  • Anybody who has spent £100 on trainers, a gold sovereign ring yet has a paraffin heater and one egg in the fridge

  • Albanian/Somali drug dealers

  • Muslims wandering about wearing tents

  • Cash in hand trades people

  • Fashion conscious nonces

In short, useless people would starve or freeze and people who can look after themselves and their families will do exactly that.


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