Monday, 25 February 2008

Shitistan! bans Youtube

Radio 4 in the UK (owned by the goverment, paid for by a tax on the use of a TV) have just finished running a "I love Pakistan" campaign designed to show that although Osama bin Lightbulb is currently living there, and they are busy training the next wave of bearded shoe throwers to slaughter us infidels, it is in fact a lovely place full of big fat mummas baking chapattis and schoolchildren with beaming smiles.

It isn't. Today, Pakistan took down YouTube because a Dutch politician planned to post a video stating that the Koran is in fact toilet paper. Now, just last week, Radio 4 was telling us how democratic Shitistan is and how "forward looking". And then it goes and blows free speech out of the water because it "may offend Islam".

Personally speaking, I would nuke Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria just for good measure. Israel would then be relocated to the South Pole and Afghanistan would be sent to the moon.

Instead, we are all eating Halal meat and getting evils off the Paki shop owner when we buy Razzle or four cans of Stella and a pork pie. My advice to Muslim people is that they should watch the Disney Channel a lot more and not stone women, behead people, cut off the limbs of people and beat their wives up. Especially not in Luton. Dressed as an Ikea lampshade.


GBN said...

You are far too moderate. All decent ex-Grammar school boys should be made to carry M16a and wipe out any filth they see fit.


Funny Circus Bears said...

That slut in the blue burqa is a cock tease showing the bridge of her nose and she should be stoned to death.

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