Friday, 1 February 2008

Fuck this nonsense. I want to live in Switzerland. Say what you like about them, they have the oldest federal democracy in the world and they know what to do when it comes to voting.

To live there, you have to pay taxes, learn the lingo and keep your nose clean. Simple. Crime? 70% is committed by foreigners and they are now bringing in laws to simply boot out the entire families of under aged chavs caught trying to be Yardies. What a perfect system. Little Mohammed, fresh off the plane because his dad stowed away in a lorry from Kurdistan decides Swiss laws are not for him because he could do what he liked in Shitistan and goes out dealing drugs or raping schoolgirls. Mum and Dad can’t control him, they say.

Well, the lot of you fuck off then. You’re shit parents, he’s a little cunt and Switzerland is better off without any of you. Back to goat herding in the desert for you lot – a Swiss government spokesman said yesterday.

Wonderful – London would empty overnight if we introduced this law and would be a fantastic place for it.

Also, it takes 12 years to get a Swiss passport, even if you are born there and even then, the local council can still object because you are not integrated enough. I like the sound of that. I’d love to see Leroy, strutting his gangsta stuff and speaking like a “gangsta” convince a local committee that he is exactly what the town needs.

Low tax, highest standard of living in Europe, great healthcare, great social structure, eco friendly, trains run on time, democracy and referendums on demand, cleanliness, stability and civil responsibility with no kow towing to Brussels. Count me in. I can see why all the rich people live there. It is one huge gated community that keeps the riff raff out.

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thud said...

Strange how Switzerland is portrayed as boring here isn't it?..apparently life on the edge in multi cultural Britain is preferable...bollocks I' off to check sleazyjet fares to Geneva.

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