Monday, 28 January 2008

We are all slaves

The Common Man is an idiot. I’ve got this one sussed and no matter what progress we think we may have made in the last ten thousand years, we are still idiots.

I count real freedom as the ability to be able to throw away my wrist watch, chuck out all the clocks in the house and eat when I am hungry, sleep when I am tired and power breakfast whilst aligning paradigm shifts and vertical synergies when I feel like it. So at the moment and by that reckoning, I am as enslaved as any Celt dragged before Caesar two thousand years ago. I am not free, I HAVE to work to pay the bills which means I am at the mercy of the cunts I have to invoice every month for my daily bread. I have to pay income tax, which means I am at the mercy of people who I didn’t elect who want to suck whatever money I have obtained by my skill and labours away from me so that I will behave myself and be compliant. If I don’t pay my taxes, ie if I don’t tug my forelock at the people who give me money, they will put me in a prison with Winston Banana who ate his sister. My every move is monitored by CCTV to make sure I am complying with the will of the state and not driving too fast in my car. My each and every phone call or Email is monitored to make sure that I am not threatening the omnipotent power of the State and I am issued with “papers” that allow me to travel. If I misbehave, they will take my ability to travel away.

So, where is this going, you ask? I have already worked out a plan to be totally independent from a society that treats me as a “resource” to be harvested and it involves some pretty bloody hard work, I can tell you. Digging spuds, slaughtering sheep, basket weaving my own lobster pots and chopping my own firewood. I might just go for it, but I have the feeling that the State would do it’s utmost to stop me. After all, I pay HEAPS of cash in taxes to remain a slave to the State, I can’t see it giving up a valuable punter like me without a struggle. I don’t want to become a hippy but on the other hand, I absolutely loathe being beholden to other people, people I don’t even like (everybody in fact). It sucks.

So, what should old Holborn do? Become a slave master and employ dullards who I can control and treat as my bitches whilst I lord it over them and take whatever money they earn by selling their souls to me or should I become a hermit, two fingers permanently raised in defiance to Westminster/Brussels?

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Funny Circus Bears said...

The color of freedom is green, i.e., money. Until you are financially bullet-proof you are a slave.

Forget about going "off the grid", that just shackles you to a different plantation.

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