Saturday, 19 January 2008

Recession is a coming

Up shit creek. Well and truly.

A recession is coming, fuelled by inability of Jewish bankers in the States to NOT lend money to melon and KFC eating, Pontiac driving blacks, who frankly were never going to pay it back, certainly not when they are not educated to read the small print which clearly states “after y’all got the bread, man, we gonna hike the rate to 25% and watch your ass burn, big time, mamma”. Wonderful. Billions of dollars handed out to people who should be living in mobile homes who then spend it on bling, AK47s and Nike trainers to impress their ho’s.

No great surprises when Tyrone and his buddies fail to hand it back and go off to live in a van somewhere, leaving the Bank with a rather large hole in it’s finances.

Suddenly the banks, including our Wonderful Northern Wreck, can’t get any credit themselves. So I have to prop them up with high interest rates and billions of my money handed out by that eyebrowed freak, Darling.

As we head into recession, that shaved gibbon Bush has decided that Americans will simply have to spend their way out of it, so hands them large amounts of tax back for them to buy Cadillacs and McDonalds with. Idiot. They will buy BMW’s and Toyotas so that’s back to square one, you Texas fool.

Meanwhile, we have nothing to sell. No one will want “financial services” and we produce nothing else. The Germans will export their hearts out and avoid a recession. So will the Japs, the Chinks, the Koreans and the Mayasians, the Indians and the French. We will starve.

The answer? Bring in a million Poles to actually do the work, put the million Brits they replace on the Dole and make them dependent on the State. No matter how bad it gets, you won’t be voting Tory will you? Labours backers get cheap, cheap labour and Zanu Labour get a compliant Soma-ed populace, scared shitless of risking what little they have by throwing out the bastards in power.

Result? A one party state. Everything to everybody. Well not to me, you cunts. I won’t be happy until New Labour are all resting gently at the bottom of the Irish Sea.

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