Thursday, 24 January 2008

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Belmarsh Prison yesterday

They just don’t get it do they? The imbeciles who currently play with our country as if it was a toy are STILL pushing to be able to lock people up without trial for 42 days. 42 days spent in a prison, job lost, house threatened, ostracised and suspected, yet not an ounce of evidence is needed until day 42.

Sorry, I will riot if they get this through. Before you imagine that it will only be used against recent landings from Lahore, fully bearded and clutching semtex and Korans, let’s not forget that exactly this legislation was used to throw an elderly heckler out of Zanu Labours conference a while back – he presented a threat to the Politburo by daring to call that oily heap of shite, Jack Straw, a liar, in public and on TV. Off he goes, into the dark depths of a black maria.

So, we can safely assume that anyone who may appear to be a threat to the State will be labelled a “terrorist” and dealt with accordingly. Sure, that may include Mustafa El Bastrd but it could also include YOU and your loved ones. Don’t like the idea of ID cards and want to protest? Be very careful, you could be sitting in Belmarsh for six weeks in a cell with Winston Ombongo, a known cannibal. Decide that not being allowed to speak within a mile of the Houses of Parliament is too much and wear a T-Shirt saying “Could we please stop killing Iraqi’s?” and you’ll be slopping out turds every morning and biting pillows every night for a month and a half.

We were told 7 days was not enough, then 14, now 28 days is not enough. Does anybody really think 42 days will keep these revolting Stalinists happy? Not a chance. We KNOW they want 90 days. 3 whole months. You can do less for manslaughter, yet they actually want to imprison people without taking them to trial for 90 days.

This reminds of the good old days in the USSR. Don’t worship the State? You must be a nutter, it’s brilliant. Hmm, we will need to “re-educate” you by sending you to a funny farm. In Siberia. Got your mind set right yet boy?

Things are afoot in the UK which will lead to civil unrest the likes of which have not been seen on our streets. Muslim invasion and British capitulation to Mecca, ID cards and locking people up without trial because the State feels they don’t “think” right could just see what I would dearly love to happen. Broon, Straw, Darling et al, hanging by the neck from the lampposts in Whitehall. And fuck me, they deserve it.

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