Thursday, 24 January 2008

Moral Maze and Feral Youth

I love listening to the Moral Maze, me. Radio Four, Wednesday evening at 8pm for those who can pull themselves away from the stabbing and vodka boozing whoreing on Eastenders.

Anyway, yesterday they had Clair Short and Michael Portillo (who I like) on prodding and poking some tossers about why today’s kids are feral scroats who will slash your throat and then kick you to death for asking them the time on your way home from work.

God, I’ve listened to some sanctimonious shites in my time, but the bastards nearly had me off the road as I yelled and hollered at the car radio. It turns out that most of the people in charge believe that Adults are cunts and that Children are angels. I could puke. They had some bint on from “childrens Rights” or something spouting that it is all the fault of society. It isn’t. It is the fault of lazy, bloated, consumerist parents who couldn’t give a flying fuck what little Courtney or Euphrates are up to and feel no responsibility in actually raising them.

In nature, Alpha males usually keep the little ones in line with a good smack now and again. No one these days dares even approach a child, lest they be accused of being a Paedo or gets a Samurai sword through the spleen.

So let’s get this straight, you little shites. ADULTS are in charge, do as you are told. When you are an adult (if you survive all the glue sniffing, joy riding and general shooting that goes on round the back of ASDAS) you too will get to speak down to kids.

Kids do not have rights other than food, shelter and an education. They do not have needs “to be listened to”, “respected” or otherwise. If you are still wetting the bed, you are in no position to discuss whether it is OK to eat sweets at bedtime or debate whether you can carry a knife to school. They had a “super head” teacher on. He was good. He said that all kids need is rules and the consequences of breaking those rules. Always enforced. Always Just.

I challenge anyone to go down the park after dark and call the acne ridden, BMX riding scum that congeal down there to drink cider, a bunch of worthless cunts of no parentage.

I carry CS gas. Always. I don’t care if I get knicked for it. It’s not as if I could get into REAL trouble is it?

So, listen to the Moral Maze on Radio 4 and raise your piss boiling to new heights. Worked for me a treat. I’m off to threaten some hoodies.


Old Holborn - bitter and twisted said...

Nobody ever, ever writes anything here.


Anonymous said...

I do, you kaaaant

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