Friday, 18 January 2008

Bastard BBC

I've just listened to Director General of Pravda explaining that he intends to change the format of the Today programme so that politicians are allowed more time to spout their snake oil sales lines and the likes of Rottweiler Humphries are kept at ten paces or more.

Call me old fashioned but I really admired Blar after he told the BBC he wouldn't be interviewed by JH. I really admired the fact that the ueber slimeball would not take the stand and be held to account by an ex miners son from South Wales.

If you think the BBC is left wing now, just wait until Zanu-Labour get the backing to turn it into Mandelsnakes personal plaything.

I could fucking puke. Mark Thompson, you are an utter cunt and I hope you are raped and have your head cut off by Somalians in Deptford. The BBC does not belong to Zanu Labour or you, it belongs to me. I pay your fucking wages so do as I tell you, not the other way round.

08:00 New Labout explain why we clearly need more immigrants to suck the teat of the State

08:15 JH asks what the fuck these cunts think they are doing

08:16 Party Political Broadcast by Zanu Labour insisting that "lessons will be learned"

09:00 Vegan Afro cooking live from the Cherie Blair Wing at BBC Radio Neasden

10:00 The entire staff of the BBC report on some Ghanese scammer, (taught by the Welsh) live from Ghana.

11.00 - 23.59 - The works of Chairman Brown (in Gaelic)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Reading your comments on Fawkes about the military ex,look even closer to home,my local nick has recently had 50 riot shields delivered,perhaps they are expecting trouble from the masses?

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