Monday, 28 January 2008

Balkan Bastards


In my pursuit to hate absolutely everything and everyone on the planet, my eagle eye was drawn as if by magic to the current headlines referring to a rather large heist on a security company in Kent that landed the crooks a mere £54 Million of which only £21 million has been found.

Guess what is sitting at the middle of it all?


Yup, some bright spark gave an illegal Albanian failed asylum seeker a £5.40 an hour job handling millions and millions of bank notes. This is obviously someone so stupid, so utterly and completely moronic that they no idea what Albanians are like or where they even come from. There is not one SINGLE Albanian in the UK that is not involved in crime. I know it, you know it, Europe knows it, Albania knows it. Yet somehow, this simple fact escaped the HR manager at Securitas. For crying out loud, the bloke was an illegal immigrant!

Anyway to cut a long story short, Securitas are now £33Million short, Jetmir Bucpapa (Albanian for Biggs), 26 and Emir Hysenaj (Albanian for Kray), aged 28 will be out and about again in a couple of years after learning the finer arts of Gameboy strategy and advanced pool playing/human rights lawyers manipulation in an open prison in the lovely Kent countryside and Mercedes, Porches and large mansions will be the order of the day in Tirana. I suspect they will use the money (after they have been deported for the SECOND time) to finance a large sex slave/drugs/racketeering/extortion/car jacking organisation. Based in Kent.

OH’s words of warnings. If you own a bank, don’t hire a Nigerian. It is like leaving a Rottweiler as your babysitter. Expect tears. Likewise, if you handle large amounts of cash, do not employ anybody whose mother has a moustache and herds goats in the Balkans and has ALREADY BEEN DEPORTED FOR BEING AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. Arseholes.

The REAL insider was the man who hired an Albanian. Check his pockets for some of the missing £33 Million, the bastard. Albanians NEVER get a job, they just do what comes naturally. Beat up a few women, thieve, torture, deal in drugs, stab, shoot and pimp whilst grinning from ear to ear because they know they are untouchable. If there is an Albanian out there with a job, he’s up to something, mark my words. We backed the wrong horse in the Balkan war, as usual. We should have backed the Serbs, pushed all the Mecca grovellers back to Istanbul and built nice holiday homes from Croatia to Athens. Instead it’s all going to kick off again and Europe will be flooded with light fingered hairy arsed vermin “claiming asylum” once more whilst helping themselves to whatever isn’t tied down and carting it all back to Tiran, whilst WE bomb their enemies for them.

Here are some links to Wonderful Albania


Funny Circus Bears said...

They are little more than light-colored arabs who if left alone would simply slaughter one another until only one bloodline remained standing. They'd love nothing more than to live in giddy, shitinfested incest.

Old Holborn - bitter and twisted said...

The bear is right.

Albania is owned by 16 families and all of them would sell their own daughters for a Mercedes 190 gearbox. It is, in fact , Steptoestan with guns.


Chris Longley said...

Yeah, damn Albanians were the first asylum scum to hit UK shores back in 1999. Housed in Dover, kniving, thieving and spunking up the local divorcees who cant get a man was the order of the day, Not one single prosecution by the Police, even when some 14 yo old got a knife run up his back at the funfair by these incest ridden poxbags Albos. Total cover up by the Police and Government. What a joke......Talking about jokes....did you here the one about the Brazilian followed by the Mets finest and got 7 holes in his head for looking.....foreign!
We havent forgotten this murder ex Commissioner Blair, you fuck.

Anonymous said...

A nigerian bank clerk helped himself to a 100,000 pounds from my lloyds account. In his lunch break the bank manager allowed the young man to use the PC for internet browsing (early 2000's). But he browsed for accounts with decent funds - and then his mates emptied them using fake passports as ID.


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