Monday, 28 January 2008

Balkan Bastards


In my pursuit to hate absolutely everything and everyone on the planet, my eagle eye was drawn as if by magic to the current headlines referring to a rather large heist on a security company in Kent that landed the crooks a mere £54 Million of which only £21 million has been found.

Guess what is sitting at the middle of it all?


Yup, some bright spark gave an illegal Albanian failed asylum seeker a £5.40 an hour job handling millions and millions of bank notes. This is obviously someone so stupid, so utterly and completely moronic that they no idea what Albanians are like or where they even come from. There is not one SINGLE Albanian in the UK that is not involved in crime. I know it, you know it, Europe knows it, Albania knows it. Yet somehow, this simple fact escaped the HR manager at Securitas. For crying out loud, the bloke was an illegal immigrant!

Anyway to cut a long story short, Securitas are now £33Million short, Jetmir Bucpapa (Albanian for Biggs), 26 and Emir Hysenaj (Albanian for Kray), aged 28 will be out and about again in a couple of years after learning the finer arts of Gameboy strategy and advanced pool playing/human rights lawyers manipulation in an open prison in the lovely Kent countryside and Mercedes, Porches and large mansions will be the order of the day in Tirana. I suspect they will use the money (after they have been deported for the SECOND time) to finance a large sex slave/drugs/racketeering/extortion/car jacking organisation. Based in Kent.

OH’s words of warnings. If you own a bank, don’t hire a Nigerian. It is like leaving a Rottweiler as your babysitter. Expect tears. Likewise, if you handle large amounts of cash, do not employ anybody whose mother has a moustache and herds goats in the Balkans and has ALREADY BEEN DEPORTED FOR BEING AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. Arseholes.

The REAL insider was the man who hired an Albanian. Check his pockets for some of the missing £33 Million, the bastard. Albanians NEVER get a job, they just do what comes naturally. Beat up a few women, thieve, torture, deal in drugs, stab, shoot and pimp whilst grinning from ear to ear because they know they are untouchable. If there is an Albanian out there with a job, he’s up to something, mark my words. We backed the wrong horse in the Balkan war, as usual. We should have backed the Serbs, pushed all the Mecca grovellers back to Istanbul and built nice holiday homes from Croatia to Athens. Instead it’s all going to kick off again and Europe will be flooded with light fingered hairy arsed vermin “claiming asylum” once more whilst helping themselves to whatever isn’t tied down and carting it all back to Tiran, whilst WE bomb their enemies for them.

Here are some links to Wonderful Albania

We are all slaves

The Common Man is an idiot. I’ve got this one sussed and no matter what progress we think we may have made in the last ten thousand years, we are still idiots.

I count real freedom as the ability to be able to throw away my wrist watch, chuck out all the clocks in the house and eat when I am hungry, sleep when I am tired and power breakfast whilst aligning paradigm shifts and vertical synergies when I feel like it. So at the moment and by that reckoning, I am as enslaved as any Celt dragged before Caesar two thousand years ago. I am not free, I HAVE to work to pay the bills which means I am at the mercy of the cunts I have to invoice every month for my daily bread. I have to pay income tax, which means I am at the mercy of people who I didn’t elect who want to suck whatever money I have obtained by my skill and labours away from me so that I will behave myself and be compliant. If I don’t pay my taxes, ie if I don’t tug my forelock at the people who give me money, they will put me in a prison with Winston Banana who ate his sister. My every move is monitored by CCTV to make sure I am complying with the will of the state and not driving too fast in my car. My each and every phone call or Email is monitored to make sure that I am not threatening the omnipotent power of the State and I am issued with “papers” that allow me to travel. If I misbehave, they will take my ability to travel away.

So, where is this going, you ask? I have already worked out a plan to be totally independent from a society that treats me as a “resource” to be harvested and it involves some pretty bloody hard work, I can tell you. Digging spuds, slaughtering sheep, basket weaving my own lobster pots and chopping my own firewood. I might just go for it, but I have the feeling that the State would do it’s utmost to stop me. After all, I pay HEAPS of cash in taxes to remain a slave to the State, I can’t see it giving up a valuable punter like me without a struggle. I don’t want to become a hippy but on the other hand, I absolutely loathe being beholden to other people, people I don’t even like (everybody in fact). It sucks.

So, what should old Holborn do? Become a slave master and employ dullards who I can control and treat as my bitches whilst I lord it over them and take whatever money they earn by selling their souls to me or should I become a hermit, two fingers permanently raised in defiance to Westminster/Brussels?

Friday, 25 January 2008

Romulan Fagins


The Romulans are here en masse! It transpires that the have arrived avec plus enfants a la Fagin to basically fleece their hosts of anything that isn’t nailed down.

It was only a while ago that the entire country raised an eyebrow slightly and said “what the fuck?” when it was announced by those in power that in the spirit of humanity we would allow the closest living relatives to invade us. We now have hoards of Sinti and Romanies arriving as fast as a horse and cart can bring them from the fourth world hovels of Bucharest to sign on the dole, claim child benefit, receive council houses, buy stolen Mercs, pick our pockets, sell us Big Issue, plunder our cash machines, shop lift, thieve and generally beg their way to riches.

Ah, what joy. At least they are generally so stupid that you can spot them a mile away and put up the forcefields before they or their feral offspring venture within ten yards to sell you “gold ring” or lucky heather whilst picking your pocket.

Romulans are Eastern Europes answer to Nigerians. Avoid at all cost. You can spot the women because they all look like Grisley Adams and wear headscarves to keep the lice in. The men can be spotted wearing fashions from 20 years ago whilst driving brand new Mercedes with no socks on, smoking roll ups and never doing a days work. They will all have tattoos and a gold tooth. Even Bulgarians who never actually give birth themselves but steal other peoples babies hate them.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Moral Maze and Feral Youth

I love listening to the Moral Maze, me. Radio Four, Wednesday evening at 8pm for those who can pull themselves away from the stabbing and vodka boozing whoreing on Eastenders.

Anyway, yesterday they had Clair Short and Michael Portillo (who I like) on prodding and poking some tossers about why today’s kids are feral scroats who will slash your throat and then kick you to death for asking them the time on your way home from work.

God, I’ve listened to some sanctimonious shites in my time, but the bastards nearly had me off the road as I yelled and hollered at the car radio. It turns out that most of the people in charge believe that Adults are cunts and that Children are angels. I could puke. They had some bint on from “childrens Rights” or something spouting that it is all the fault of society. It isn’t. It is the fault of lazy, bloated, consumerist parents who couldn’t give a flying fuck what little Courtney or Euphrates are up to and feel no responsibility in actually raising them.

In nature, Alpha males usually keep the little ones in line with a good smack now and again. No one these days dares even approach a child, lest they be accused of being a Paedo or gets a Samurai sword through the spleen.

So let’s get this straight, you little shites. ADULTS are in charge, do as you are told. When you are an adult (if you survive all the glue sniffing, joy riding and general shooting that goes on round the back of ASDAS) you too will get to speak down to kids.

Kids do not have rights other than food, shelter and an education. They do not have needs “to be listened to”, “respected” or otherwise. If you are still wetting the bed, you are in no position to discuss whether it is OK to eat sweets at bedtime or debate whether you can carry a knife to school. They had a “super head” teacher on. He was good. He said that all kids need is rules and the consequences of breaking those rules. Always enforced. Always Just.

I challenge anyone to go down the park after dark and call the acne ridden, BMX riding scum that congeal down there to drink cider, a bunch of worthless cunts of no parentage.

I carry CS gas. Always. I don’t care if I get knicked for it. It’s not as if I could get into REAL trouble is it?

So, listen to the Moral Maze on Radio 4 and raise your piss boiling to new heights. Worked for me a treat. I’m off to threaten some hoodies.

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Belmarsh Prison yesterday

They just don’t get it do they? The imbeciles who currently play with our country as if it was a toy are STILL pushing to be able to lock people up without trial for 42 days. 42 days spent in a prison, job lost, house threatened, ostracised and suspected, yet not an ounce of evidence is needed until day 42.

Sorry, I will riot if they get this through. Before you imagine that it will only be used against recent landings from Lahore, fully bearded and clutching semtex and Korans, let’s not forget that exactly this legislation was used to throw an elderly heckler out of Zanu Labours conference a while back – he presented a threat to the Politburo by daring to call that oily heap of shite, Jack Straw, a liar, in public and on TV. Off he goes, into the dark depths of a black maria.

So, we can safely assume that anyone who may appear to be a threat to the State will be labelled a “terrorist” and dealt with accordingly. Sure, that may include Mustafa El Bastrd but it could also include YOU and your loved ones. Don’t like the idea of ID cards and want to protest? Be very careful, you could be sitting in Belmarsh for six weeks in a cell with Winston Ombongo, a known cannibal. Decide that not being allowed to speak within a mile of the Houses of Parliament is too much and wear a T-Shirt saying “Could we please stop killing Iraqi’s?” and you’ll be slopping out turds every morning and biting pillows every night for a month and a half.

We were told 7 days was not enough, then 14, now 28 days is not enough. Does anybody really think 42 days will keep these revolting Stalinists happy? Not a chance. We KNOW they want 90 days. 3 whole months. You can do less for manslaughter, yet they actually want to imprison people without taking them to trial for 90 days.

This reminds of the good old days in the USSR. Don’t worship the State? You must be a nutter, it’s brilliant. Hmm, we will need to “re-educate” you by sending you to a funny farm. In Siberia. Got your mind set right yet boy?

Things are afoot in the UK which will lead to civil unrest the likes of which have not been seen on our streets. Muslim invasion and British capitulation to Mecca, ID cards and locking people up without trial because the State feels they don’t “think” right could just see what I would dearly love to happen. Broon, Straw, Darling et al, hanging by the neck from the lampposts in Whitehall. And fuck me, they deserve it.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

RIP - The Public House

We’ll you asked for it and now you have it. No cunt in his right mind wants to go down the pub anymore. Why? Because you can’t smoke, drink, eat or talk in them anymore. Standing at the bar is considered a health and safety risk and the Latvian barman has not the slightest idea what a Pork Scratching is when he offers you some tofu “bar snack” made from reconstituted buttermilk and organic straw.

Remember the way people used to meet in a pub? Not any more they don’t. They meet in the Gym or Starbucks and sit there sipping on little bottles of water flown half way round the world and costing £8 each. Remember how you would furtively lust after the little blond in the corner and finally, after downing twelve pints of Guinness go over and introduce yourself with breath stinking of an Irishman’s crotch and a fag end hanging on your lower lip? No chance. The only way you can get off with birds these days is to go speed dating at a “wine bar” that wants to remind you that you are only allowed, by law, to consume 7.2 units of alcohol or you will be burned at the stake.

Most of the banks that closed were turned into pubs and they have now gone bust as huge expanses of parquet flooring that should be full to the brim with heaving totty pretending to jig along to some god awful music are empty whilst blokes stood at the bar and tried to guess which one of them would suck their cocks round the back of Asdas later.

A whole culture decimated by a little sign that says “no smoking”

My prediction is that society will break down. People will no longer speak to each other. People will stay home, ordering booze and fags anonymously from Dutch websites. Secluded from civility, they will turn into drunken, nicotine stained hermits, wearing nothing but tea towels.

Empty is the new black

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Racist Words (part 1)

The phrase “Nitty Gritty” is apparently racist and has now been banned by the police.

I kid you not.

nitty-gritty • n, The fundamentals, realities or basic facts of a situation or subject. The heart of the matter.

ORIGIN: according to the Oxford English Dictionary Online, the term started as US slang but its origin is unknown. Editor of the Dictionary of Slang, Jonathon Green, speculates it is merely a reduplication of the standard English word gritty.

ORIGIN 2: one theory is that "nitty-gritty" refers to the debris left in the bottom of a slave ships at the end of a voyage. Hence, use of the term is highly contentious and has been banned by the police.

USAGE: ignorant of this, Home Office minister John Denham used the term during a speech to the Police Federation Conference on Tuesday. "[T]hey don't normally get into that nitty-gritty," he said, only to find himself being challenged by a delegate who said officers were banned from using it because of race relations laws. Officers later said it was just an example of how the English language had been turned into a minefield of political correctness.

DISPUTED: some wordsmiths are sceptical that the word has such a long history. Dr Jonathan Lighter, editor of the Historical Dictionary of American Slang, records the first example from 1956: "You'll find nobody comes down to the nitty-gritty when it calls for namin' things for what they are."

DISPUTED 2: the view that "nitty-gritty" has slave connotations "may belong in the same line of folklore which holds that a picnic was a slave lynching party," writes lexicographer Michael Quinion in his World Wide Words website. "Its origins are elusive," writes Mr Quinion, but it is "inconceivable that it should have been around since slave-ship days without somebody writing it down [until the mid-20th Century]."

LESSON: when it comes to being PC, best check the finer point first with a PC.

Recession is a coming

Up shit creek. Well and truly.

A recession is coming, fuelled by inability of Jewish bankers in the States to NOT lend money to melon and KFC eating, Pontiac driving blacks, who frankly were never going to pay it back, certainly not when they are not educated to read the small print which clearly states “after y’all got the bread, man, we gonna hike the rate to 25% and watch your ass burn, big time, mamma”. Wonderful. Billions of dollars handed out to people who should be living in mobile homes who then spend it on bling, AK47s and Nike trainers to impress their ho’s.

No great surprises when Tyrone and his buddies fail to hand it back and go off to live in a van somewhere, leaving the Bank with a rather large hole in it’s finances.

Suddenly the banks, including our Wonderful Northern Wreck, can’t get any credit themselves. So I have to prop them up with high interest rates and billions of my money handed out by that eyebrowed freak, Darling.

As we head into recession, that shaved gibbon Bush has decided that Americans will simply have to spend their way out of it, so hands them large amounts of tax back for them to buy Cadillacs and McDonalds with. Idiot. They will buy BMW’s and Toyotas so that’s back to square one, you Texas fool.

Meanwhile, we have nothing to sell. No one will want “financial services” and we produce nothing else. The Germans will export their hearts out and avoid a recession. So will the Japs, the Chinks, the Koreans and the Mayasians, the Indians and the French. We will starve.

The answer? Bring in a million Poles to actually do the work, put the million Brits they replace on the Dole and make them dependent on the State. No matter how bad it gets, you won’t be voting Tory will you? Labours backers get cheap, cheap labour and Zanu Labour get a compliant Soma-ed populace, scared shitless of risking what little they have by throwing out the bastards in power.

Result? A one party state. Everything to everybody. Well not to me, you cunts. I won’t be happy until New Labour are all resting gently at the bottom of the Irish Sea.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Bastard BBC

I've just listened to Director General of Pravda explaining that he intends to change the format of the Today programme so that politicians are allowed more time to spout their snake oil sales lines and the likes of Rottweiler Humphries are kept at ten paces or more.

Call me old fashioned but I really admired Blar after he told the BBC he wouldn't be interviewed by JH. I really admired the fact that the ueber slimeball would not take the stand and be held to account by an ex miners son from South Wales.

If you think the BBC is left wing now, just wait until Zanu-Labour get the backing to turn it into Mandelsnakes personal plaything.

I could fucking puke. Mark Thompson, you are an utter cunt and I hope you are raped and have your head cut off by Somalians in Deptford. The BBC does not belong to Zanu Labour or you, it belongs to me. I pay your fucking wages so do as I tell you, not the other way round.

08:00 New Labout explain why we clearly need more immigrants to suck the teat of the State

08:15 JH asks what the fuck these cunts think they are doing

08:16 Party Political Broadcast by Zanu Labour insisting that "lessons will be learned"

09:00 Vegan Afro cooking live from the Cherie Blair Wing at BBC Radio Neasden

10:00 The entire staff of the BBC report on some Ghanese scammer, (taught by the Welsh) live from Ghana.

11.00 - 23.59 - The works of Chairman Brown (in Gaelic)


Thursday, 17 January 2008

London - The Worlds Filth just LOVE it here

London yesterday

An article by Jan Moir of the Telegraph

In a north London suburb last week, a schoolgirl was beaten, gang-raped and then had drain-cleaning fluid poured on her body apparently to destroy DNA evidence. In the eternal cesspit of senseless urban crime, I feel that a dreadful nadir of sorts has been reached, a benchmark of slaked lust and casual, sadistic cruelty.

Police sources say the 16-year-old will never fully recover from the injuries caused by the caustic soda and, at the time of writing, she remains under heavy sedation in a burns unit, fighting for her life.

One could weep an ocean for this young woman, her life ruined by these savages, who hunted in a pack like animals and dragged her to an empty house, caring nothing for her wellbeing or future.

Drain cleaner? The callous premeditation is shocking, and underlines the fact that some of the rootless delinquents who roam the London streets are now scraping the bottom of the barrel of humanity.

I'm almost embarrassed to say that the attackers have been described as "five black youths", in case you think I'm being racist in highlighting this crime.
Yes, these are the peculiar times we live in, particularly in a week when Trevor Phillips, the chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has pointed out that "white flight is accelerating" as Britain becomes increasingly polarised along ethnic lines.

Following the controversy started by the Bishop of Rochester, who said that some Muslim enclaves were "no-go areas" for Christians (try the East End of London), it all seems to suggest a country that is becoming increasingly fragmented; a patchwork of rigidly delineated little pockets of race and religion, knots of unyielding humanity who just can't rub along with each other.
This is not a Britain many of us would care to recognise, or even want to live in, although it is true that certain sectors of the middle class are fleeing from inner London like pashmina-wrapped lemmings, desperate to escape the creeping spread of urban decay.

Last year, nearly a quarter of a million decent, law-abiding citizens packed their bags and left the capital for good, seeking what they hope will be a better life elsewhere. They moved to outer boroughs, other city suburbs, rural areas, abroad, the back end of beyond, anywhere but here.
While their fairytale, roses-around-the-door belief in the safety of the countryside and the romantic ideal of a thatched cottage for two is touching, it does point to an underlying urban unease.

I would rather take my chances in the city than the country, but one can hardly blame them for wanting to move.

Elsewhere in London this week, a medical student was stabbed to death in a row over an orange in a Brixton fruit shop. A pupil who was expelled for allegedly having a knife took his school to the High Court. And about the time most of us were sitting down to dinner, watching The Bill on television or putting the children to bed, a teenage girl underwent an unimaginable ordeal in an ordinary suburban street.

What is going to happen to those of us left to live here if youths across the city continue to feel quite comfortable and confident in running amok? That's before you even factor in the older, more professional criminal gangs from more than 25 countries, who operate prosperous drug trafficking, people smuggling, prostitution, money laundering and fraud rackets on the capital's streets.

London is a welcoming city, where home-grown and particularly international criminal networks are flourishing nicely. Somewhere in the city, a great termite nest of law-breaking and corruption grows by the day, nourished by immigrants, some of them illegal, from Algeria, Nigeria, Jamaica and Pakistan, among others.

Is it racist to point that out, too? I don't know any more. All I know is that London has room to absorb them all, particularly as so many of its citizens have recently left in a hurry. And while cosy family evenings by the fire remain one of the few benefits of a wet British winter, how alarming that fewer and fewer people feel safe doing this inside their own homes.

Bastards. Bring in the Army and clean this utter, utter filth out!

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